Friday, January 30, 2015

Memory boxes...

Today, my sister and I did a little bit of closet organizing for our Daddy. (Yes, I still call him Daddy because, well, he's my Daddy!). 

True to our normal "look, there's a squirrel selves", it wasn't long before we were sidetracked and giggling uncontrollably. 

Growing up, we had special birthday candles that came out each year for the annual pictures by our cakes. I don't recall them actually being burned for very long each year. In fact, what I do recall is taking a paring knife to mine each year to hack away to get it down to whatever current year. 

At the top of the closet were those cherished boxes. Such excitement!

What we found inside was a combination of sadness and confirmation of our birthday stories of late. No candles. That's okay, it's visual proof of the now undeniable truth that we no longer have birthdays and are not getting older. No more aging. You cannot have more birthdays without more special birthday candle!  Pretty simple and obvious, huh?

Digging around in a memory box offered a glimpse into our childhood personalities. I am choosing to deny, deny, deny any recollection or resemblance of or to that young girl. Ha!

(This was my sister' the P.S.)

And one of mine:

Feel safe in saying that I may have had a history of perhaps, not being very well behaved. (Then or now)

Good times...memories and the present:  precious and perfect just the way they are. 

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Oh Honey


Unhappiness is a dropped stitch so far back into a pattern repeat that it is easier to frog back multiple 160 stitch rows than it is to try to pick it up and work in slipped stitches.  (I've already frogged back at least 6 rows)

What does make me happy? The Honey Cowl is a gorgeous slipped stitch pattern which creates a yummy and squishy fabric. My yarn of choice is the swoon worthy Stonehedge Crazy by Stonehedge Fiber Mill. 

So, don't mind me...I'll be in the corner tinking and muttering to myself. 

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Peerie Forgotten

One of the downsides to moving is not knowing where everything is while you oh so very patiently wait for the remodel to be finished so you can unpack.  The upside is that it will be like Christmas morning when I get to unpack.  It is probably safe to say that since I have forgotten about most of the stuff safely tucked away, I, in reality, likely do not need it.  But that is another topic entirely. 

A couple of weeks ago, I decided to rearrange some of my yarn stash boxes.  My dearest was adamant that during this remodel I have ready access to most of my yarn stash, fiber stash and spinning wheel.  What I failed to consider was the importance of putting works in progress where they would not be abandoned.  It was particularly cold on this rearranging weekend and it seemed the perfect time to pull out and USE the ever lovely Peerie Flooers hat made last year.   Hold the phone!  I KNOW that the matching mittens were cast on over our Christmas trip to Florida well over a year ago!  Where oh where could Peerie be???

After some digging around, said mitten(s) were found.  Well, the bag with the yarn, needles, pattern and pitiful abandoned cast on wrist lining.  Not sure how or why these were abandoned.  I love doing colorwork and the hat was fast and fun.  

Perhaps they will be keeping my fingers toasty warm sooner rather than later...


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