Sunday, May 30, 2010

New day

Spent Saturday cleaning up the garage...okay half the day and half
way. Cleaned up and went for a date night dinner out with my sweet
Successfully dodged the "another cat bullet". While we were in the
garage, Chris appeared with a kitten (about 6 months old) that looked
just like Amos and Norman. Our neighbors had found it and assumed it
was ours. These are the same neighbors that discovered the days old
kittens last year that started my path to cat crazy. This kitten
likely is from the last litter before we caught the feral mama. He
took it back to them, but knowing my luck it is going to wind up back
over here.
Today am going to tackle the rest of the garage after I get my rear in
gear, stop watching HGTV, and go for my run.

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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Lack of motivation

It is Thursday and I am stuck at home...that should be a good thing especially in light of the house passing final inspection this morning.  But, I am getting derailed by the mental list of things that need to be done.  Have a knitting project that HAS to be done in the next few days, have lost the last pair of circs I bought.  Put them someplace safe, which is always a bad idea.  The call of the cobwebs on the porch is overwhelming, here I go...very verry verrry slowly...blech

Hi! My name is Amos and I am lazy

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Rainy Days, Hematomas. and Karma

I am getting a bit tired of all the rain.  Yes, we need it.   Yes, come horridly hot summer we will wish for it. But, geez, it is getting a bit tiresome.  Not to mention, having to mow before needing to bale it.  Today is the first day that I have had available to mow before we leave on our short trip.  Naturally, it started raining.  Not a lot, mind you, just enough to make the mower seat slickery and to make it icky.  Last week I was allllmmooossst done with the trimming when it ran out of line.  This is a new trimmer and I have not learned all of its little tricks and requirements, so, of course, I just put it back in the garage thinking I would have Wes either re-string it or teach me how to do it.  Should have known has been a booger of a week at the shop.  Lots of deadlines for some big jobs and not a lot of time to mess with much else.

Finished all of the front yard and the bulk of the back yard---what can be done without getting the mower stuck or me risking flipping over the retaining wall---and decided to give the restringing a go.  My attention span seems to have been inversely related to the amount of rain coming down.  More rain, less interested, but more interested in just letting it go another week.  What do I care?  I am not going to be here this weekend anyway!  End of story, amen.

Years ago, my parents had a biorhythm calculator with which you could sort of get a feel for how your day was gonna be on a physical, emotional, and intellectual level.  Kind of weird how it frequently foretold/corresponded with what would happen in a day.  Monday, I did not need said calculator...although I did look one up online and the results were as I expected!  My dear sister and I suffer from the affliction of lack of gracefulness.  Used to be that we would all joke that she could easily trip over air.  Tables are turned now...Leaving the house Monday morning it was raining (of course!).  Had my head down walking to the car and pulled the door open quickly and managed to dent my head.  Yes...DENT my head.  Beaned myself and had a dent on my hairline about an inch and a half long and not quite a quarter of an inch deep.  Can you say bad day?

Last point...Karma is my friend :)  She works in mysterious ways and at her own pace, but she is SWEET!!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Favorite things Friday

Yay! so glad it is Friday!!!  Had a wonderful evening last night.  Managed to convince my sweet darlin' that it was a eco-conscious good idea for us to ride home together in my car to: 1) save gas and 2) because we both needed to be here early today and have to go back to Columbus separately for a meeting at noonish, then I have to stay in C'bus to meet Debbie the Bug Lady at the house for our annual inspection/treatment and then go back into town to get Chris and take him to work...yep the Mom Taxi is alive and well.

Okay, confession time...really wanted to knit on the way home and have not perfected my knitting while driving skills yet...KIDDING (about the driving and knitting part anyway).  Working on the new pattern from squares class this week and it is sort of a booger.  It is...gasp...kinda lacy...lots of yarn overs, slip stitches, and k2togs.  Flat out eats up the yarn.

Got home, only had to rip out 4 rows and redo during the drive, went for a run.  Actually was a pathetic run as my knee was purely aching and had a slight calf strain in the other leg.  Jack went with me and I only had to drag him past the house with the evil dog  on the return.  Only managed to do 2.29 miles, thank you knee and calf...they were both hollering!  Before I went out, whipped up a caesar pasta salad and stuck it in the fridge to chill.  Pulled my sweat soaked cap off, fluffed my hair and stuck it up in a clippy, fired up the grill and prepped to throw the brats and dogs on.

Chris is going to be the death of me...he won't try different foods and is apparently on a boycott of all foods new and old I make...with the exception of spaetzle.  He did NOT want a brat, but said he would eat a hot dog...said he wanted FOUR,  yeah soon as he finishes the plate of spaetzle from the other night, the baked potato he had me fix last night and did not touch, and the leftover rice and chicken he begged me to save, and the leftover chicken strips from last Friday's dinner out that he swore he would eat for lunch the next day.

What can I say, I must be a slow learner because, you guessed it I fixed FIVE hot dogs (there were six, but Jack looked pathetic).  Guess how many he ate? Yes, I know I should not be surprised...1 1/2!!  Wes just looked at me and shook his head.  At least I am consistent.  We enjoyed our pasta salad, brats, and chips/queso and the requisite beer while sitting out on the back porch.  Lovely, lovely evening.

Now, on to my thought for the honor of Friday, will share my Five Favorite things of the moment:

1) cuuuuuute wedge and heels don't always get along, but wedges are safer and today's shoe choice is yummy cute...until it starts raining and then I may cry if the fabric and jute wrapped wedgy part get messed up

2) It IS Friday, so that means Jimmy Johns #6 with extra sprouts.

3)  Miller Light Chill...usually only have a beer once in a while when we go out on Fridays...okay really only have one when we go to B-Dubs, last night was an exception, but I do like this girly beer.

4)Pima is a scrumptious yarn...same yarn I used for the baby sweater is now also being made into what I am referring to as the "Spite Sweater" only because I am making it (it is adorable) to spite Wes who had the audacity to suggest that I might be "too old" for knitting buddies assure me that I am not and that he is in trouble!

5) Blackberry cobbler...okay technically not a favorite, but a new found like.  Have always hated the flavor, not the is a texture thing.  Think the last time I tried one was when I was about 8 and you cannot argue or reason with an 8 year old that makes up their mind about a food.  So, I made a cobbler for Wes because he loves blackberries and I love him.  Tried some hot out of the oven, covered with vanilla bean ice cream and came to the conclusion that 8 year olds don't know anything. 

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Tuesdays and Wednesdays...

Just in case I have not said it before...I LOVE TUESDAYS!  They are my day.  I don't go in to the shop unless we are majorly, horribly, terribly, earth is endingly swamped.  What do I do on Tuesdays you may ask?  I KNIT and KNIT and KNIT and KNIT some more.

A couple of times a month I dedicate the morning to Service League meetings. Then I go to Cottage Knits for my mandatory fiber fix...and I am not talking about bran.  Usually, can manage to get a few house chores done before I go, but then around noon, my knitting buddies and I descend upon Cottage Knits and take over the Peanut Gallery for an afternoon of visiting, knitting, cussing mistakes, fixing mistakes, lying to ourselves that we are not going to buy more yarn/books/patterns/needles/accessories, succumb to the aforementioned lure to just maybe buy a little bit for the stash--who are we kidding??--and in our own minds and the confines of the cozy little shop, solve all of the problems of the world amen, hallelujah.

Without fail, the afternoon comes to an abrupt halt by the call of the kiddos, causing the Mom Taxi to fire up.  So, off to pick up, feed, transport, and then rush back to my LYS, because it would be silly to go home.  Chris is actively involved in CAP.  It takes around 25 to 30 minutes to get from our house to the airport, he is usually there for 3 hours, Cottage Knits closes at 8 on the logic is clear.  Knit, knit, knit some more while visiting with the evening crowd.

THEN, off to do the week's shopping.  Since becoming diligent about using coupons, I have managed to streamline the shopping to going to 3 different stores and doing the whole shop in less than an hour, which then puts me at the airport by 9 to pick up Chris. 

This Tuesday, I did the unthinkable and volunteered to abstain from my knitting day, because we are SWAMPED at the shop.  But, the loving wisdom of my darling Wes prevailed and saved the day...what that really means is that he said it was unacceptable to skip knitting, because then he would feel guilty about not skipping Tuesday Night Fishing...and he was NOT skipping that.  Yay me!

Bargain update...had a fabulous shop at 2 big boxes of cereal, 3 rolls of tape, a 3pack of octopus hair clips for $0.88 PLUS got a Register Reward of $2 so in reality, they paid me!  Love when that happens.

Now, on to Wednesdays...not so favorite day of the week.  They are really like a Monday.  Fridays, I leave everything in order so on the real Monday, just coast through and cover weekend mail/e-mail/faxes.  However, Wednesdays mean that there have been other people messing around my desk leaving notes, piles, papers, and pseudo controlled chaos.  (It's really not that bad, but please let me whine).  Today was shipping day from Hades.  Blecch.  That is enough of that.

Guess I better stop this for now and get back to uncovering my desk.  Hurry back Tuesday, I miss you.


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