Sunday, May 30, 2010

New day

Spent Saturday cleaning up the garage...okay half the day and half
way. Cleaned up and went for a date night dinner out with my sweet
Successfully dodged the "another cat bullet". While we were in the
garage, Chris appeared with a kitten (about 6 months old) that looked
just like Amos and Norman. Our neighbors had found it and assumed it
was ours. These are the same neighbors that discovered the days old
kittens last year that started my path to cat crazy. This kitten
likely is from the last litter before we caught the feral mama. He
took it back to them, but knowing my luck it is going to wind up back
over here.
Today am going to tackle the rest of the garage after I get my rear in
gear, stop watching HGTV, and go for my run.

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