Thursday, May 20, 2010

Rainy Days, Hematomas. and Karma

I am getting a bit tired of all the rain.  Yes, we need it.   Yes, come horridly hot summer we will wish for it. But, geez, it is getting a bit tiresome.  Not to mention, having to mow before needing to bale it.  Today is the first day that I have had available to mow before we leave on our short trip.  Naturally, it started raining.  Not a lot, mind you, just enough to make the mower seat slickery and to make it icky.  Last week I was allllmmooossst done with the trimming when it ran out of line.  This is a new trimmer and I have not learned all of its little tricks and requirements, so, of course, I just put it back in the garage thinking I would have Wes either re-string it or teach me how to do it.  Should have known has been a booger of a week at the shop.  Lots of deadlines for some big jobs and not a lot of time to mess with much else.

Finished all of the front yard and the bulk of the back yard---what can be done without getting the mower stuck or me risking flipping over the retaining wall---and decided to give the restringing a go.  My attention span seems to have been inversely related to the amount of rain coming down.  More rain, less interested, but more interested in just letting it go another week.  What do I care?  I am not going to be here this weekend anyway!  End of story, amen.

Years ago, my parents had a biorhythm calculator with which you could sort of get a feel for how your day was gonna be on a physical, emotional, and intellectual level.  Kind of weird how it frequently foretold/corresponded with what would happen in a day.  Monday, I did not need said calculator...although I did look one up online and the results were as I expected!  My dear sister and I suffer from the affliction of lack of gracefulness.  Used to be that we would all joke that she could easily trip over air.  Tables are turned now...Leaving the house Monday morning it was raining (of course!).  Had my head down walking to the car and pulled the door open quickly and managed to dent my head.  Yes...DENT my head.  Beaned myself and had a dent on my hairline about an inch and a half long and not quite a quarter of an inch deep.  Can you say bad day?

Last point...Karma is my friend :)  She works in mysterious ways and at her own pace, but she is SWEET!!

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