Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Tuesdays and Wednesdays...

Just in case I have not said it before...I LOVE TUESDAYS!  They are my day.  I don't go in to the shop unless we are majorly, horribly, terribly, earth is endingly swamped.  What do I do on Tuesdays you may ask?  I KNIT and KNIT and KNIT and KNIT some more.

A couple of times a month I dedicate the morning to Service League meetings. Then I go to Cottage Knits for my mandatory fiber fix...and I am not talking about bran.  Usually, can manage to get a few house chores done before I go, but then around noon, my knitting buddies and I descend upon Cottage Knits and take over the Peanut Gallery for an afternoon of visiting, knitting, cussing mistakes, fixing mistakes, lying to ourselves that we are not going to buy more yarn/books/patterns/needles/accessories, succumb to the aforementioned lure to just maybe buy a little bit for the stash--who are we kidding??--and in our own minds and the confines of the cozy little shop, solve all of the problems of the world amen, hallelujah.

Without fail, the afternoon comes to an abrupt halt by the call of the kiddos, causing the Mom Taxi to fire up.  So, off to pick up, feed, transport, and then rush back to my LYS, because it would be silly to go home.  Chris is actively involved in CAP.  It takes around 25 to 30 minutes to get from our house to the airport, he is usually there for 3 hours, Cottage Knits closes at 8 on the logic is clear.  Knit, knit, knit some more while visiting with the evening crowd.

THEN, off to do the week's shopping.  Since becoming diligent about using coupons, I have managed to streamline the shopping to going to 3 different stores and doing the whole shop in less than an hour, which then puts me at the airport by 9 to pick up Chris. 

This Tuesday, I did the unthinkable and volunteered to abstain from my knitting day, because we are SWAMPED at the shop.  But, the loving wisdom of my darling Wes prevailed and saved the day...what that really means is that he said it was unacceptable to skip knitting, because then he would feel guilty about not skipping Tuesday Night Fishing...and he was NOT skipping that.  Yay me!

Bargain update...had a fabulous shop at 2 big boxes of cereal, 3 rolls of tape, a 3pack of octopus hair clips for $0.88 PLUS got a Register Reward of $2 so in reality, they paid me!  Love when that happens.

Now, on to Wednesdays...not so favorite day of the week.  They are really like a Monday.  Fridays, I leave everything in order so on the real Monday, just coast through and cover weekend mail/e-mail/faxes.  However, Wednesdays mean that there have been other people messing around my desk leaving notes, piles, papers, and pseudo controlled chaos.  (It's really not that bad, but please let me whine).  Today was shipping day from Hades.  Blecch.  That is enough of that.

Guess I better stop this for now and get back to uncovering my desk.  Hurry back Tuesday, I miss you.

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