Tuesday, June 8, 2010


It's Tuesday...gotta love it. Couldn't sleep last night. A lot
weighing on my mind. Wound up staying awake until about 3am but got my
desk cleared off. No thanks to Norman and Amos who thought they were
being helpful. Quite a bit going on today. Got up at 7, went for a
short and easy 3 mile run. Came back and threw some laundry in and did
a quick dust and vacuum of the house. Chris and I are going out to
lunch together then he is going over to a friend's house while I go
My knitting day plan is to reorganize my pattern book and input
information into the handy dandy iPhone app for knitters I downloaded.
A few errands followed by taxi driving Chris then the day will end
with a class dealing with volunteerism issues. Just another day in my
slice of paradise.
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