Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Yummy balls of color are now being carried around in a plastic bag in my car.  Not sure what the effect will be, but sorta like time out, maybe I am hoping that the yarn will behave and finally knit to gauge.  Due to the fact that it is 100% silk,  it grows and grows and grows.  Every swatch I have done has started out sorta okay, but wound up looking like mesh.  
Discussed this last night at Squares Class, and the general consensus of all...okay between the three of us that were continuing to hang around after class...was to use a working yarn with the main yarn.  Maybe use a sock yarn, or even perhaps, switch the main yarn to a wool and just use the silk for the intarsia sections.  Think I'll start with adding a sock yarn and holding the silk double for the intarsia.

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