Saturday, July 3, 2010

Holiday Weekend

Today was simply wonderful. Slept in then putzed around the house for
a while. Had to take Chris to work, so popped into the liquor store
and got a few things including the ever decadent chocolate wine. It
gives new meaning to being a chocoholic!
Made some homemade applesauce this afternoon. Wes' parents, brother,
and nephew came over for dinner. Yummy steaks, potatoes, salad, corn
and lemon shake ups.
After dinner, the boys, Wes and Phil had a mini cornhole tourney.
Ended the evening watching the lake fireworks. From our porch we had
an unobstructed view of not only our lake's show, but also two other
displays going on at the same time. Beautiful.
Tomorrow will be another full day. Have tickets to the Indians game
then will stay to watch downtown Indy's fireworks show.

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