Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Knottiness :)

I am all tied up in knots, both literally and figuratively.  Monday on the way home, the pink sweater that started out as the "Sexy, Spite Sweater" but turned into the "oh crap, it isn't petite, have to rip it out and do something different sweater", was coming along nicely.  Ready to start the armhole decreases and ran out of yarn.  Had a new skein with me, and instead of doing the smartest thing like wait until Tuesday and have Cathi roll it or even second smartest...wait until I got home and could drape it over a chair to wind, decided to lay it across my lap and start winding.  Oh no, Mr. Bill!!!! very bad idea.  What started off as a little tangle rapidly deteriorated into the mother of all "professional over-runs" (as my Darlin' Wes refers to a fishing backlash).  Stuffed it into my bag and tried to forget about it.

Tuesday, worked on the "gauge from hell" sweater until my eyes began squinting in frustration.  Liz had come back to the Cottage Tuesday evening while I was still there...diligently tackling the knottiness.  After laughing at my ever-lovin' stubbornness, she took pity on me and we spent the last hour there pulling, twisting, tugging, and cussing the mess.  The blob above is all that is left to untangle.  Takes a real friend to help with that monumental of a mess...thanks Liz!!!   I will not give in and "just cut it apart" as I was so sweetly encouraged to do.

Feeling a bit like a bag lady lately.  Today's luggage consisted of my Service League bag/notebook...desperately need to get busy planning the upcoming year and am pretty sure there is a Group Home Birthday Kiddo this Friday that I need to make a cake for.  The pink bag has my external, non-computerized brain book in it...can't leave home for work without it...not that I do anything with it everyday, but still, my shoulders fell naked if not totin' it around, ya know?!

The felted bag was my original knitting bag until my projects started overflowing, causing the upgrade in bag size.  That bag (on the right)  is now typically stuffed to overflowing and am now back to the felted bag for part of my projects.  Next step...a rolling suitcase...

 Fun stuff...a knitted wire and bead bracelet.

For the rest of my psyche that is tied up in knots, only time (and perhaps a little nightly intoxication) will help.

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