Friday, July 30, 2010

Long week...

It has been a long week.

I'm tired.

Don't know why, just am.

A few things for Friday recognition:

1.  Finished THREE knitted wire bracelets for the Boutique.
2.  Scheduled some classes to teach on the technique...starting with a practice run "stitch and bitch" this weekend where we will test our ability to consume vast quantities of wine and chocolate while knitting with wire and beads on tiny needles.  I predict the need for a bunch of glass refills and the resulting handiwork being classified as avant garde art.
3.  Started and finished a man's hat for a volunteer project I promised my cousin I would help with.  Need to make at least four more.  Now, she did not call me directly and ask, but rather, she posted it on Facebook and of course, I wound up messaging back and forth with her and since I don't have ANY OTHER projects going <sense the sarcasm> decided I needed to get started on it that very night.  Oh well, is a good cause and I love my cuz Becs!...oooh the stories we could share about our youthful adventures!
4.  Jerk Ribs...yum yum yum yum yum yum...stupid easy recipe done in the crockpot.
5.  Got the Louisa Harding sweater back on's so so so pretty.
6.  Almost done with this week's Square.
7.  Flower spa cloths in progress.  Two done and ten more to go...
8.  Avoiding the migraine sweater.
9.  Cats have been cracking me up this week.  Amos sleeps curled up as close to me as he can get.  When I get up to go to the bathroom, he walks in with me, sits down, waits, then follows me back to bed and curls back up.  Ashley is turning into a piggy.  She stays off by herself most of the time, but lemme tell ya, that kitty has super power hearing and without fail can detect the clank of a spoon in a bowl.  Norman, if he is not sleeping on my head at night, he is on top of the dresser...silly Norman...he's not that coordinated and usually manages to roll off.  Last night Bella and Sophie were out on the back porch.  She was standing on the back of a cushy chair looking into the living room.  We would look at her and she would just open her mouth like meowing, but nothing came out.
10.  And the last noteworthy mention of the week is Madison.  She told me I had to include her because she said so.  She is currently sitting across from me at the shop and questioning me about who reads this.  Wanted to know if all my knitting friends follow my blog and if they also blog.  She said we should start a new group called "Blocking and Blogging."  She's a silly one!

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