Saturday, July 24, 2010

On my needles now...

I truly love Flat Feet Yarns.  The concept of just being able to unravel a piece of unique pre-machine knitted material is wonderful.  Each swatch you get is totally one of a kind.  You never really know how the socks are going to turn out.  Or in my case, when the second sock of the pair is finally going to be done.

My first attempt at Fair Isle knitting.  Started this before the Winter Olympics were over,  got a migraine from carrying yarn and reading a chart that had some errors and now it may be done when the next Winter Olympics come around.  Ok, not really, am hoping the knitting fairies will come in and rescue me.  This project is bringing out "The Little Engine that Could" in me...I think I can, I think I can, I think I can...

Technically, this is not ON needles right now, but it has been...until I ripped it out because of OCD/ADD has to be "rightivness".  But, it will be done, sometime, in the future, not necessarily my future, but it will be done...I can see them hanging in the window in my mind's, now I don't have to finish/start them again since I've already imagined them done.  NEXT!!!

Resisting the urge to be an overachiever and go any further than this.  "This" is the first 8 garter stitch rows border of this week's Squares Class Square.  Already have the pattern, and could knock it out before Wednesday, but then what would I do in class besides talk, giggle, eat chocolate, talk some more, laugh some more....wait that IS a normal class.

The Louisa Harding Silk Sweater.  Found this pattern book and yarn at the Dutch Oven Yarn Store in Indian River, Michigan.  It is an EVIL store I tell you!!!  If it's not bad enough that they have all kinds of woooonnnnddddeeerrfffuuullll yarns and stuff, they force you to walk through a bakery that will make you gain weight from the smells just to get to the store.  Go will be happy...oh and pick up a loaf of Cinnamon Bread for me too.

The Copper Bracelet.  That is all I'm saying.

The bane of my current knitting existence.  Halfway done with the back.  It is such a mixed up mess of gauge.  Can't even begin to describe my frustration.  Still have never managed to achieve the gauge they recommend on any size/combination of needles that would actually allow me to wear the sweater without it looking like a mesh mess.  Currently using 7's, following the pattern guide for a size large, but it is coming out to be a small, which I need.  Am being forced to think outside the box and pattern on this one.  Following the basic directions, but relying on real life measurements to move forward.  The yarn is a hand spun silk from India.  It has a varying slubbiness and thinness to it.  Important point...DO NOT knit outside with this on a humid seems to suck up the moisture and literally feel wet on the needles (using bamboo and not addi turbos/lace because not only is it slick, but also a little splitty).

That should be enough to keep me busy for awhile.  Today started on a wonderful note.  My darlin' brought me breakfast in bed!  What a sweetheart...he wanted a haircut...

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  1. Wow you have plenty of projects to keep you busy! I saw your blog on the Ravelry list and thought I would come say hello!



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