Friday, August 6, 2010

Friday again?

Don't have a clue what happened to this week.  All I know is that it went by extremely quickly.

Work has been a roller coaster lately...BUSY, then slow, then BUSY and still that way.  Can't seem to be on any fairly even schedule.  At least the slow days are very few, but are actually a welcome relief.

It is garden has totally burned up.  Will try to clear it out this weekend and get the pumpkins planted.

My feet don't get all grossed out and offended.  They, themselves don't actually stink, but Jack(the dog) is currently laying on them and he DOES stink!

Cooking wise, pasta was a mess this week.  Think there was too much water in the pasta dough and when I tried running it through the ravioli press, it rolled up and around itself making a ginormous mess.  Gave up for now and tucked the cheese filling away.  Think I'll try homemade tortellini with it this weekend instead.

 Can't wait for Sunday!  Chris is coming home!!!!! Yay!!!

And on a similar note, there are now ten days until school starts.

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