Sunday, August 29, 2010

Super Sunday

Last night, it cooled down enough and there was not much humidity to make sleeping on the sleeping porch quite nice.  It was probably the best night's sleep I have had in weeks.  We love this porch...

It was so worth every single bit of effort.  People have asked us if the bed gets wet.  The only time it does is if the rain is blowing.  The porch is tucked in its location in such a way that it is protected.  We get breezes off the lake and what a view to wake up to!

Earlier in the year, during a trip to see my Dad, my sister and I continued the process of cleaning out cabinets for Daddy.  She and I try to tackle at least one corner or cabinet each day that I am there.  Daddy has been enjoying get some things cleaned out...but I think that he secretly views it as making room for more of his motorcycle stuff :)  While cleaning out the laundry room cabinets, I found two sets of iron brackets that Mother had stuffed up there.  The original hardware was still in small envelopes with each set.  I immediately knew exactly what to do with them, and it did not involve throwing them in the Goodwill box!  Brought them home and they have sat in my laundry room, waiting on me to put them to use.  This weekend it happened...

I salvaged a board from the garage, sanded and stained (after cutting it into two shelf pieces).  I already had some antique iron hooks.  The one above is now hung in the upstairs bathroom.  Now,  if I can get Chris to actually hang his towel up consistently.

This one is in my laundry room.  Had to stand on a stool to get a better view of it.  Had a clever brainstorm at Menards when I was looking for a hook to use for hanging clothes as they come out of the dryer.  The "hook" is actually a super duper heavy iron cabinet door handle that I installed such that hangers can be put on from front to back.  The objects on top are all sentimental also.  In the largest container are wooden thread spools, wooden needle holders, old needles, old crochet hooks and various other sewing tidbits that belonged to my Mother, Grandmother, and Great-Aunts.  The small tin was my Mother's.  The mason jar is filled with buttons that Mother collected.  Both of the toy irons are special as well.  One belonged to my sister and I and the other was Mother's. 

And now, finally, the Louisa Harding sweater.  Made it through the bulk of the lace last night.  Only have a very small bit of yarn overs/dropped yarn overs to do before getting into the seriously boring stockinette portion.


  1. I am so envious of your porch - and what a beautiful view of the lake! (Mind you, we haven't had a hot summer so if we slept outside we'd freeze, but what a fantastic thing to be able to do!).

  2. Oh wow! What a lovely porch! I can only imagine how lovely it must be to wake up to the view!

    And the lace work is real pretty! What an idyllic setting, knitting with a the view of a lake!

  3. Wow I want a porch with a bed and a view of a lake to sleep and knit on. Sounds amazing!

  4. I remember us all playing with those irons!!!



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