Sunday, August 22, 2010

Weekend ravelings

or maybe unraveling would be more appropriate. Friday, I went to Cottage Knits to pick up some things for my Blog Swap partner, as well as some stuff to feed my fiber fixation.  While I was there, I also picked up some Eco-Wool to make a knitted helmet liner to honor the commitment that my oldest son has made.

For the last month, either there is something in the air or I am allergic to the shampoo/conditioner, and bath soap I have been using. My eyes are all itchy, goopy and just generally yucky feeling. This is getting rather old, as I HATE having to wear my glasses for any length of time. As a result of the continuous snotty eye problem...bleccch!...have just been out of sorts, kinda "off kilter" ya know? Don't feel as if I can focus due to the general yucky feeling.

Saturday turned into multi-mini-project day. Picked up some drapery fabric...shockingly enough the store still carries this pattern...that matches the valances I made 3 1/2 years ago for the hallway and entrance. Picked up some pretty matching braided ribbony stuff and some tassels for extra pizazz and proceeded to make a square topper to go on top of the covered round table in the entry. Turned out very nicely, plus the added bonus of my dear hubby noticing it upon his return home from a fishing tournament.

There are three ceramic columns in the family room with potted plants on each. I have struggled, ever since I purchased them several years ago, with trying to figure out exactly how to finish them. A couple of years ago, I painted them a brownish color, which only lasted for short spurts, because I have a bad driving record with the vacuum cleaner and keep bumping into them and scratching the finish. Not to mention that the cats like to sit on the lowboy next to them and eat whatever plant happens to be trying to survive at the moment. (they don't seem to bother the cactus much) To address that problem, I have decided to just succumb to the pressure and plant some kitty grass in their favorite pot. Took the columns outside and spray painted them with a stone finish looking paint. All was going well, except for the odd wind gust that would blow "particley" paint in my face. Overall, they turned out nicely, but have a feeling the vacuum cleaner may still attack.

Other random projects for Saturday, besides the usual cleaning hour and laundry, included whipping up a project bag for my Blog Swap partner, leveling a picture on the staircase that was driving me bonkers with it's "offness", doing the kiddo to work chauffeuring, and some pathetic attempts at knitting. Herein was the bane of my weekend.

Arrrrggghhh.... Started a helmet liner and got the neck ribbing done. At first was excited, because I thought ahead and bought the color of Eco-Wool that I am using for my squares class, or so I thought. Nope, it is gray not taupe. Blame it on the snot eyes! Got back to work on the Louisa Harding sweater. Had already done the cast on row, so Saturday night, I started back to work on it in earnest. Sixteen rows into the lace pattern and something went haywire. Suddenly, I was no longer able to read and accurately comprehend the pattern! Too many stitches, too many yarn overs, and definitely not enough chocolate. Could not back out of the yarn over slipped stitch pass slipped stitch over mess I had gotten myself into, no choice but to rip it. But wait, it gets better, not once, not twice, not three times, but FOUR times I subjected myself to this horror. Thankfully, Steve Martin and Goldie Hawn in "The Housesitter", followed by Adam Sandler in "Click", then "The Wedding Singer" were there to keep me company through this journey that lasted until 2am Sunday morning. Gave up and went to bed. Got up at 9, and avoided making eye contact with the stupid thing...yes, it is alive because clearly it has taken on a life of its own! We took Madi into town to get some things for cross country. Dropped a yarn over and could not get it corrected, thanks to the splittiness of the yarn, frogged it back to a garter row and kept plodding along. Wound up having to go to Greenwood to get her practice shoes and spikes, and during the drive to and from there, managed to have to rip the whole thing out and cast on again two more times. I will not let this turn into the cussing sweater all over again! or else!

And now, crap!...Sophie has escaped off the back porch again and is partying somewhere in the yard. Okay, she is actually probably hiding under the sleeping porch, but the point is I just dosed them all with Capstar and Program AGAIN last week and now I am sure she is inviting rebel fleas to hop on the party bus known as her sweet self for a trip inside! Think it's time for me to say good night and put this frogged, mixed up, snotty eyed, mini-project filled weekend to rest.

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