Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Well, this has been a very busy, hectic, eventful, emotional, crazy week.  Not sure how much I actually got accomplished.  Certainly, not nearly as much knitting as I had intended. 

Since children are technically works in progress, I am going to share an update.  Chris and Wes, now 16 and juniors in high school, are heading back to school.  This will be a busy year for them as they launch into the year during which heavy duty planning and prepping for post graduation life begins.  However, when you are 16...okay, really that is the only excuse needed...the following is about as much as you will allow your Mother (who is clinging desperately to the coattails of her rapidly growing/maturing children) on the first day of school....

My oldest son, Alex has made the life changing choice to enlist in the Army.  I am flipping between a whole range of emotions.  Frightened, proud, unsure, proud, protective, proud, scared, proud...I love him dearly, and wish the best for him.  It is going to be difficult when he is in training and is not simply a phone call away.  Everyday since his enlistment, I have struggled with keeping the tears at bay.  There is an intense desire to grab him up and keep him tucked away safe and sound from the big bad world, but he has to spread his wings and fly out into the world and make his own way.  But still...maybe a few floaties wouldn't hurt...

As for the knitting, since last week, have not been particularly productive (unless you count the amount of time I spent wishing I had a few minutes to spend knitting) here goes next to nothing:

The Butterfly Pullover is still in the same condition as last week.  The only change has been that it has been wadded up in the bag with the yarn for the flower part that is next.  Maybe the knitting fairies will come and start it for me!

 The Louisa Harding Sweater:  the first half is done and off needles and the only progress that has been made on the other side is to cast on the 163 stitches.

The Sweet Pea Baby Sacque.  Let's just say that I hope this baby is not early!

The knitted leather bracelet.  Hmmm, well, I made it to Hobby Lobby to pick up more leather cording.  Does that count?

The third beanie hat for my cousin's project.  All that is left is to weave in my ends.  Started and basically finished this one afternoon when I was so mentally distracted that I could only focus on mindless knitting.

Square #11 Bluebell Rib.  Ready for blocking.


  1. I can't even amazing having a family member decide to enlist. My grandfather and all his brothers were in the military, but no one since I've been alive. You should be very proud of him. It's a very brave thing to do. :)

    You must have more time than you think, because you have a lot of projects going right now! lol They all look awesome and I can't wait to see the final products.

  2. I'm proud of your son, too. But I also think the loved ones our military people leave at home are just as brave. Love your blog.



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