Friday, September 24, 2010

Blog Swap Day 4/ FO Friday/ Random musings

Can you guess?

 What is going on?

Did my swap buddy send a HUUUUUGE package?
Have I started my own personal cardboard recycling station?

Am I moving?
No, to all of the above...

But, thanks to my dear son, it looks like a recycling center in my kitchen/hearth room.  He is building a cardboard boat for his Physics class and I was lucky enough to be given the task of cardboard procurement.
...and now for the real deal...

Day 4
The bag said to relax...

Okie dokie...sounds like a plan to me.
Oh wow!! Can I say it again, this is kinda creepy?  I have been looking at different teas (plus investigating recipes for lavender ice cream).

Polly, put the kettle on!
This is a new one to me.  Have never used loose leaf tea.  

The verdict, a lovely green tea with slight undertones of lavender.  Definitely a keeper.  I am one of those anti-coffee weirdos.  Love the smell of it, but oooh, icckkk, blecchh...not so much the taste.  My parents were confident that college days would transform me to a coffee drinker, HAH nope.  Give me tea, hot, iced, however, just give me tea!
Thanks Sarajewel for yet another delightful treat that was spot on!

The only things that I can add to FO Friday this week are:

Three pairs of sleep shorts that I failed to take a picture of in the finished state.


a flower spa cloth.  

Update from last week's post about nail polish...lemme tell you...this is some fantastic polish!  NO chips, no wearing (even with lots of knitting).  Love the steel gray color, so neutral, but yet so not neutral.  Do yourself a favor and go getcha some!


  1. HA! That is a LOT of cardboard!

    I have yet to try loose leaf tea as well, but I've always wanted to. It looks s cool! What a great swap so far!!!!!

    I've been wanting to make some dishcloths extra cotton yarn I have. I really like this one you made!

  2. mmm i love green tea... and what a pretty flower spa cloth :)

  3. How big is the flower spa cloth? Like a washcloth size? Do you have a pattern? Would make a great gift!

    You will LOVE loose leaf tea! I don't drink anything else now. There is a great tea shop near me (David's Tea) with the most amazing loose leaf tea flavors! Enjoy :)

  4. to SweetPotato... the cloth pattern is here: They are about standard washcloth size/a bit smaller. Super fast to knit up and soo soo soft!



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