Friday, September 17, 2010

FO Friday

First off, get your mind out of the gutter!!!

FO is not what you might knitty world, it stands for "finished objects." 

Not to be confused with UFO...unfinished objects.

Or in progress.

Or even the occasional PIGS...projects in grocery sacks.

Today, I am participating in my first FO Friday (thanks to Tami)  

Yay!  Finally done with all the Squares from class.  Next month we will be meeting to do a crochet bit to connect them all into an afghan.  I stuck with just the basic 12 that were assigned...unlike someone (LIZ!!) who decided to be a teacher suck up/overachiever and do a whole bunch more of different stitches.  Love you anyway, dearheart.  

Below is the last one and darned if I haven't forgotten the name of the stitch, other than that it is a mock cable.  

So, as soon as I get the 12 buggers blocked and stitched together, a Christmas present will be DONE (actually in the same year it was intended for)

The Sweet Pea Sacque got finished and blocked earlier in the week.  I started the little matching hat Wednesday, finished it Thursday. Plus, managed to start and finish the booties last night.  Wow! I am on a roll...even got the gift wrapped and ready for delivery this weekend.

Why must Amos insist upon sitting on and sniffing everything I am trying to photograph?

Wes was thrilled that I even got my label sewn into the sacque!

Ahhh, so sweet...and so are Amos and Norman.


  1. LOL Thanks for the laugh! It didn't occur to me that some would think FO meant anything other then finished oject...should have though. :)

    Sweet Pea is cute! Great helper you have there.

  2. I love that cable stitch! It's awesome!

    Aww, your cats are so cute!

  3. The sleep sack is so cute, oh and the booties too oh and the hat too. Baby hats with a knot like that always look so adorable.

  4. That little sleep sack is so darn cute! It's different than others I have seen. Great job! Keep your roll going...... :)

  5. That baby outfit is adorable. It's section 5 code 32.b of the house cat's rule book "must insert self in pictures of knitting"

    I let a fly in the house and take pictures quick like while they are distracted.

    I just love your banner.



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