Wednesday, September 22, 2010

In which I combine three days in one...

It is supposed to be Fall now, but someone forgot to tell the weather.  Are you kidding? 96 degrees near the end of September?  Sadly, with our lack of rain, the leaf colors will not be very interesting this year.  Which in turn, should also decrease the number of "leaf lookers" that get lost and wind up in our driveway trying to find their way back to the main highway.  The combines have been chugging along and harvesting is underway.  My nose can testify to the increased dust and debris in the air...along with the nearly perpetual sinus headache.

Today, I am going to cheat a bit and combine three days into one post.  Blog Swap Day 1, Blog Swap Day 2,  WIPW. 

My stepdaughter runs cross country for her high school.  The girls' team has "families" amongst the teammates.  As a way of encouraging each other and providing support, the girls give their "family members" a small, meaningful (and ideally inexpensive/handmade) gift prior to their meets...really is all about the thought that counts with this plan.  This weekend, they will be traveling for their meet and will have to be spending the night, so it's kind of a big, exciting, deal.  Madi, her Dad, and I had discussed a number of different ideas for this gift, before settling on the idea of making sleep shorts piggybacking on the point that this is an overnight trip.  One slight glitch to the idea is that Madi does not know how to's where it gets fun.  No, really it does get fun.  Dad is excited about this gift, because baby girl not only has a special handmade gift to give, but she also gets a lesson in a few life skills that perhaps she can continue. 

And here we go...
She picked a lovely light blue with blue and purple polka dotted flannel for the fabric.

After a quick lesson/assist with how to cut out a pattern and a practice run on my serger, she was ready to go.

Did I mention that some silly person came and shrunk the eyes of the needles on both my serger and sewing machine to the point that it was soooooo hard for me to see them to thread?  Wasn't very nice, huh?

After successfully sewing the legs and front/back together, I finished them off by hemming, making the waistband and buttonholes for the ribbon ties.  One pair down, two more to go...

On Ravelry, I belong to the Blog Hub Forum which is hosted by Eskimimi.  A fun activity going on there has been a Blog Swap.  A questionnaire was posted for members that wished to participate.  After completing it, Eskimimi matched up members to do what amounts to a "Secret Santa" gifting to each other.  Seven gifts were to be included in the swap, to prompt seven days of blogging.   My swap partner was Mags.  I was paired with Sarajewel.  

Back to all that in just one moment, please.  Tuesday is normally my day to spend at my LYS, but several of the girls and I like to take "field trips" once in a while.  So, yesterday, we headed off for Madison, Indiana which is on the border of Indiana and Kentucky on the Ohio River.  It is a lovely, quaint little river town.  We descended upon the town, ready for some girl time, retail therapy, walking/exploring, and of course a trip to a "fiber therapy" store.  One slight problem....the only knit store in town is usually closed on Wednesdays, but for some godforsaken reason, they were closed on TUESDAY!!!! amount of standing and tapping on the glass, peering in through the windows,wishing, or even asking neighboring shop owners if they knew the owner's phone number because she was about to miss out on a potential windfall from the six rabid money/credit card waving women that were seriously considering picking the lock with a knitting needle.   Bah humbug, didn't work.  To soothe our souls, we shared a piece of turtle cheesecake with lunch. 

 There they go strolling down the street as I snap away.  Funny, we all bought basically the same things and were carrying around the same bags.  

When I arrived home, sad from lack of exchange of currency for fiber, there was a box sitting on my doorstep.  Happy, happy, joy, joy!!! Is it? Could it be?  YES...goodies from my buddy!!

So, without further ado, here goes:    Day 1

Heavy and sorta rattly...

 Lovely!  Have the exact perfect spot in mind.  I have been thinking for the last couple of weeks that I need to start planning my Fall bulb planting.  And there are PINKS in the mix. I feel like digging in the dirt, but may postponed until it rains and the ground is not like concrete!

and now, since I opened Day 1 last night, Day 2 got opened this morning right after breakfast.  Couldn't stand it...the packages were taunting me...

Now, this one was heavy and had a very pleasant smell.  I know for a fact that Sarajewel makes soap.  Maybe?  Hopefully?  Oh geez that would be fab!

OMG!!! I am one lucky girl.  (btw, I used the Aloe/Tea Tree Oil/Peppermint bar in my shower this morning...HEAVENLY!

Thank you thank you thank you Sars...I am feeling very spoiled and perhaps a little creeped out that you might be psychic and channeling my thoughts.  That is based on what I bought yesterday in Madison...

A handcrafted wooden soap holder at this shop.
And also...
Sorta eerie huh? but waaaayyy cool...

And now for my latest installment to WIPW...

Shhhh, this is one of maaannny flower spa cloths I am making as Christmas gifts for some friends.

In case you live under a rock and don't know this, Indianapolis is going to be the host city for Superbowl 2012.  Part of the initiative amongst the organizers is to have local knitters, craft 8000+ knitted scarves in Colts Blue and White.  As a token of appreciation of each event volunteer, the Indianapolis Host Committee will be giving a scarf to each volunteer.  A post card with a note from the knitter, their name and the city they are from will be given with that scarf.  More info can be found here.  I am making a short row scarf.

The back is done on the Butterfly Pullover and...

I have cast on and started the first sleeve.  

Whew, I'm tired now.  Gonna get this posted, eat some dinner (maybe my darling will take over that task), and Miss Madi and I have a date with fabric and a serger.


  1. Awesome blog post today! That swap is awesome!

  2. :) I'm glad you like it. Some parts of the swap I was so confident about: pink tulps for the garder who likes pink... I'm also glad you like the soap. The Pepermint/Aloe is one of my all time favorites. I hope you like the next ones as much. I stalked you for weeks... Sorry I forgot the note.

  3. Wow, 96 degrees in Indiana? That's crazy weather, like Tucson desert temps. We had rain today and didn't get out of the 80's here today.

    How many scarves do you have to knit for the Superbowl project? Yes, I do live under a rock.

  4. I know, 96 can you believe it? I can make as many of the scarves as I want. The group that I got my package from even supplied the yarn. Normally, I live under a rock too and don't even know a thing about anything sporty, but this involves KNITTING!

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