Sunday, September 12, 2010

It was a lazy day

Today was a great day for putzing around and not really getting much of anything done.  Love days like these. 

Last night was cool and wonderful outside on the sleeping porch.  You know you are sleeping soundly when you wake up in exactly the same position as when you crawled into bed!

Went for a 5 mile run this morning...I am stuck at 5 miles and can't seem to consistently get myself past that.  A little over  a mile into it, I was joined by Jack (who was not where he was supposed to be!),  Koda...clearly the instigator of the "let's run to the backside of the lake and see what kind of trouble we can get into", and some unknown chocolate lab that looked to be less than a year old.  The three amigos proceeded to run with me...Jack staying beside and slightly behind me...while the other two ding dongs took great delight in crossing repeatedly in front of me.  Once back home, Jack was thrilled to go back in the house, while Koda and "unknown" skipped off to wreak havoc elsewhere.

The rest of the day, the animals were content to laze about without a care in the world while I went about leisurely mowing the lawn, baking banana bread, and prepping my menus and grocery list for the week.

Amos could not be bothered to even fully open his eyes for a pretty picture.

Norman chose to hide up on top of the armoire in the kitchen.  From his perch he has an ideal view out the window.

Jack chose to hide behind the couch in the family room...right next to a vent to stay cool...maybe he is smarter than I thought.

Ashley, well she pretty much does this all day every day. 

Sophie was content to lounge in the sun on the sleeping porch, while secretly wishing she could escape through the screen and play in the yard and collect more fleas. 

Bella...well, she's simply surprised by everything.  What are you doing?  What is that thing? Why are you out here?  Did I say you could climb onto the bed with me? 

And now the day is mostly done and close to being ready to be put to bed.  Tomorrow's big task will be to ship out the package of goodies for my Blog Hub Swap partner on Ravelry.  Eskimimi of the Blog Hub Forum on Ravelry has organized this fun swap for Forum members. 

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