Friday, September 3, 2010

Rain...are you kidding me?

It is a joke, right?  The weatherman continues to tease us with this proposition, but it still has rained everywhere but at our house.  Looking off the back porch the other day really drove home how low the lake is getting.  You can now see all 4 steps of our neighbors' dock.  Normally all but a portion of the top one are under water.  They cannot get their jet ski off the lift, because it is too high.  Our other neighbor was having a heck of a time getting his boat out.  They had to essentially push it to the middle of the cove and were able to walk out to it without the water coming up higher than mid calf.  They, too, are having jet ski lift issues.  Oddly enough, even with no rain, my pumpkins have all come up.

This weekend should be very busy.  Madison has a XC tomorrow, but I am not going to be able to go because the "Mom Chauffer" will be transporting Chris to work.  My wish list of things to get accomplished this weekend are:

1.  Wash the outside of the windows.
2.  Wash my car.

(see, I am tempting the rain gods to cause it to rain)

3.  Paint the trim on at least 3 windows in the living room.
4.  Finish the baby sacque (it should be done this evening.)
5.  Finish Square 12.
6.  Begin blocking Squares.
7.  Finish the Louisa Harding sweater.
8.  Alter a couple of sweaters.
9.  Straighten up flower beds.
10. Maybe, get some more Brown County stone to begin new flower beds.

As is typical, this is probably an over achiever to the max list, but I'm gonna give it a whirl. 

1 comment:

  1. You can have some of our rain!! It hasn't stopped since the beginning of August! And it's coming down pretty darn good right now! again.



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