Saturday, September 11, 2010


What a wonderful and welcome change for a Saturday. It's rainy and cool outside. Took Chris to work, came home and have just been puttering around not really doing much of anything. Madi had XC meet this morning...really wanted to go, but the "Mom-Taxi" was needed. That girl has a great running form, her potential is amazing. Jack and Koda (neighbor's lab) have been playing around this morning. Jack finally hid behind the bushes, apparently hoping Koda would go home. I took the opportunity to give him another bath. Right now, that actually consists of going to the side of the house and using the hose. He LOVES it, just stands there, gets all soaped up and enjoys the attention. He will not even shake until I tell him to. So now, he is laying on his bed in the family room all wrapped up in a towel. This new shampoo seems to be helping the stinkiness. It has sort of a citrusy/spicy smell. Wes is currently out on the sleeping porch indulging in a middle of the day nap. He certainly deserves the down time. It amazes me how each and everyday, I wake up and realize I love him even more than the day before. There are soft sounds of music from the "Adele" station on Pandora playing throughout the house on the surround sound. This day is perfect just as it is.

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