Monday, September 27, 2010

Sidetracked on Sunday...good thing Monday is here to straighten me out!

It was a gorgeous day yesterday.  Slept in, putzed around, made pancakes and sausage with my darlin', then finally got energized enough to venture outside.  Last week was a total bust for running.  I was sick and/or just felt awful to the point that I did not even want to walk.  So, after the "week off", decided it would be safest to walk instead of run.  Half a mile in, Jack appeared beside me.  Now, he was asleep in the living room when I left, so I assumed Wes had let him out and he  tracked me down.  I use "tracked" verrrry loosely...Jack is no great hunter.  As we walked, a chipmunk ran across the road.  He looked up at me and I told him to go get it.  Well, Jack ran right past it and then looked around for it, gave up and rejoined me.  No small woodland creatures need fear him.  Knocked out a short walk of a little over two miles.  Upon our return, discovered that no, he had not been "let out".  Jack had pushed the back porch door open and escaped...leaving an escape route for Norman and Sophie.  Great!

My intentions for the afternoon were to update my Blog Swap posting and a few other desk jobs, BUT, true to form, got sidetracked by....

these.  Lemme tell ya...they really, truly, honestly, not kidding, cross my heart, are the absolute best sugar cookies I have ever eaten/made!

Naturally, since I was already making messes in the kitchen got started on the sauce portion for our dinner.  I had planned on making eggplant parmesan for dinner Saturday night, but now I honestly don't even remember why I didn't.  So last night was the night.  This recipe is quite easy and tasty.  Cooked up some mini-penne to go with it and there was plenty leftover for our lunch today.  Yum!

And now for the final fun from The Blog Swap...

Day 6:

Verrry cool and mucho mucho appreciated.  I need a counter to count the number of times I have lost and had to replace my counter(s).  Perfect!

Size 2 mini circs...How did she do it??? I have 0's, 1's and 3's but NO 2's.  Whenever possible, I much prefer these over dpn's.  Have a fear of poking my eyes out with the dpn's, because I find myself bringing the project closer and closer to my face from being so intent upon it.

Stitch Dots...have never seen these before, but they are so cute and functional.  What a great notion!  From the info page:
Finally a stitch marker that has something to say!

StitchDots™ “talk” to knitters and crocheters with words and symbols imprinted on each marker.  Use the “Start” marker to identify the beginning of your row and the “End” marker to do the opposite.  Use the RS and WS markers to point out the Right Side and Wrong side or your project and the Inc and Dec markers to denote when its time to Increase and Decrease.  Other helpful markers include the letters A, B, C, D, E, & F.  Every StitchDot™ package includes 20 markers and a cool retro carrying pouch. 
Sarajewel, thank you!
and now :( the last one :( Day 7

Happy Feet sock yarn by Plymouth.  Beautiful colorway.

First...This escaped me/got nabbed by cats...they thought it was another toy.  Finally retrieved it from under the couch.   

Kalajoki Socks.  The pattern design reflects the Kalajoki River and is mirrored on the socks.  I can't wait to get these on needles.  The yarn Sarajewel sent will also be reminiscent of water.  

Sarajewel, thank you for all the wonderful gifts.  Everything was perfect and I am one lucky girl!


  1. oh what beautiful colours :) mmm sugar cookies :)

  2. I'm with you on the tiny circulars, I love them. Socks, gloves, sleeves, anything I can fit on them gets knit on miny circs.



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