Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I am not entirely sure how it got to be Wednesday again!  Things have been pretty hectic both at work and on the homefront.  Last week, I spent the bulk of the week feeling out of sorts, but got that all straightened out by the weekend.  Most of the time, it seems as if I spend the bulk of my time in the car, either driving to/from work...which takes anywhere from 30 to 45 minutes each way, or transporting Chris to and from his job and activities.  In the summer, it lets up just a bit and Wes and I drive together, but once school is back in session the constant road weariness starts all over.

This past weekend, I got to enjoy utiliizing our sleeping porch for one night.  It is such an incredibly calming, cozy, and spectacular way to sleep.  (Even if on some nights you can hear the coyotes and they get closer and closer, or one of the area foxes decides to trot though the yard and bark incessantly...actually both of those things are truly amazing to listen to).  We welcome September with open arms, as it heralds the beginning of dropping night temperatures and lower humidity, translating into outdoor sleeping nearly every night.  Last Fall/Winter, as it got colder, I added an electric blanket and down comforter to the bedding (along with flannel sheets).  You really don't notice the cold...your body adapts...and the only time we actually slept inside from around mid-September through sometime around April, was when the temperatures dipped down to the teens. Then, the humidity started picking up at an alarming rate and my wimpiness re-emerged.

Now for the needle report:

Back to the baby sacque.  I am still in the midst of rounds and rounds and rounds of stockinette trying to reach the elusive 14 1/2 inches.  Have maybe another 1/4 inch before beginning the bodice in earnest.

Louisa, sweet Louisa...lace is done and stockinette is plodding along.

Log cabin pillow...only a couple more turns and it will be about 18x18.

Also started Square Number 12 ( the last one of the class series), but forgot to take a pic of it.

My holiday weekend plans include more of all of the above, trying to knock out another helmet liner before Tuesday, a little painting, a little running, and a lot of relaxing.  I am emotionally at an impasse regarding the whole subject of running a mini marathon this Fall.  Training is continuing, but my sister and brother-in-law are not going to be able to do the one we were all training for in December.  I could do the Indianapolis Monumental Mini in November, but my other partner in crime for that one is also now unavailable.  Disappointment is such that I am leaning more towards waiting until the Spring, but continuing training while transitioning into full marathon training.  Dunno, we'll see.  This whole running adventure has not been about winning races, but getting in better shape, challenging myself, and avoiding "muffin top" syndrome.

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