Wednesday, September 8, 2010

WIPW, um is this 4 or 5?

My weekend list didn't get completely done.

Okay, it didn't even get halfway done. But, I choose to consider it a success because of the magnitude of what I DID get done.

First of all, the "Lauren" sweater by Louisa Harding is completely, totally, done and is extremely comfortable.  I was a little wary of the potential for saggin' and a'baggin' since the yarn is silk, but it holds its shape very well.  I knit furiously on this Friday night, off and on Saturday, the whole time we were driving on Sunday, and into Sunday night. 

Here she is in all her glory...made even more special by the fact that this sweater turned out to be a size small on both sides...unlike the watermelon sweater from earlier this summer that wound up being a "sm-edium".

My phone camera does not do the color justice...nor does the pansy purple of my laundry room walls!

Yay! a successfully completed lace.  As of now, I am over the interest in doing the long sleeve version of this for winter.

No new pics of the baby sacque, but the bodice is done and half of one sleeve also.  No pressure...just need it and the hat and some booties for a shower this weekend!

Square #12 is feeling a bit ignored.

As for the rest of works in progress, that is why they are WIP and truly not UFO's.  So many other things keep popping up on my radar that need my immediate attention.

This evening is a prime example.  I am in the midst of making two different cakes for the birthday kids at a couple of local Children's Group Homes.

The first one is a Banana Split Cake.  It is exactly what it sounds like...a banana cream cake topped with caramel, nuts, pineapple, cherries, whipped cream, banana slices and drizzled with chocolate.  In other words, a heart attack on a platter.

Chocolate flowers for decoration.

Not so pretty in this state, but I cannot assemble it until the morning right before delivery.

Starting on number two, which will actually be cake pops.  The cake needs to be made the night before.  Visit Bakerella to get the low down on how to do these fun alternatives to cakes or cupcakes. 

Now, off to clean up my messes.  (and maybe sneak in a little knitting time)


  1. The sweater looks great! Okay, now I want cake. ;)

  2. Wow, you've been busy :-) I do like the sweater :-)

  3. What a clever idea for a cake :)



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