Friday, October 15, 2010

Epic Fail Friday

What on earth is going on?

It is as if the world has gone out of kilter.  This Friday is turning into a Monday. 

Yesterday and this morning, I was fretting because we had not received a reminder call about providing salad for tonight's XC Pasta Party.  DH and I stopped and picked up stuff to make it and this morning were frantically chopping and throwing it together to take with us to work and drop off after. 

Got the first bowl ready and I went to get "the book" to look up the address. 

Now let me first say, that yesterday I had my calendar up on my desktop for quite a while double checking dates for upcoming fishing tournaments, Group Home picnics, and Family Weenie Roast.

Yet, I still managed to fail to notice that our salad responsibilities are NOT tonight, but are NEXT Friday.  So, when DH was informed this morning (as he was helpfully slicing cucumbers), he started laughing, grabbed the camera and started snapping pictures of me cramming stuff back in the fridge.  He said he wanted pics that I could post here (not gonna happen) as proof! 

I wonder if I could vacuum seal the HUGE salad and save it?  We are not going to be home much over the next few days to eat it. 

We tease each other constantly and always have a good time with it.  Now, since I told on myself, and DH and I will be using code words to indicate the joke (his for me will now be salad),  I have to share his funny of the week.  My code word for him is now bathroom. 
Wednesday, while at Luca Pizza for lunch, he went to the bathroom.  When he finally came out he was laughing.  Asked what was up.  Turns out when he went in, he thought it was odd that there was no urinal, so went into a stall.  Fine, until the door opened and in came a woman with two small children.  He was in the LADIES room!!  He hid in the stall until they finally left.  He made me promise I would not blog about it in Wednesday's blog.  However, it is no longer Wednesday and I have already thrown myself under the bus with salad, so he gets to join me.  Misery loves company right???

The roasted pumpkin seeds turned out pretty good.  I tossed the seeds in melted butter, spread on baking sheet, sprinkled with kosher salt and roasted at 275 F for about 20 minutes. 

Knit-wise have not managed to get much accomplished.  The manly cowl is now finished.  The only difference between Wednesday's picture and now is the addition of two more rows and the bind off, so no new pic.

This weekend is going to be fun and full of lots of good times.  My LYS will be having the Knit-Inn at the Inn at Irwin Gardens.  We will be spending the night, knitting, eating, visiting, and generally having a great time.  Dinner is going to be at Zaharakos.  I will be teaching the attendees how to make knitted wire bracelets.

And now, the winner from Monday's giveaway.  As there were only 3 comments, it seems sort of silly to me to randomly pick just one, so Denise, Sarajewel, and Laura Jane will each receive a bracelet.  Thanks for your comments.  Please e-mail me with your shipping address information, silver or copper preference, and bead color preference and I will get busy...likely this weekend!

Don't forget to go by Tamis to check out the Finished Objects completed by people that know how to read a calendar better than me!


  1. How disappointing you didn't get more comments. That is a very sweet thing for you to do and thank you.

    Tell your husband not to feel bad. Back home, Wegmans is the big grocery store and most are all arranged the same. I say most because one time when I went to a Wegmans I hadn't shopped at before I had to use the bathroom really bad. I just went to the front where the bathrooms were in all the stores and went to the right not bothering to look at the sign.

    It was completely empty of people, so I grabbed the nearest stall. Then a man came in and I could here him what sounded like he was using the sink for a toilet. Imagine my surprise when I opened the stall door to see a man using the urinal. I ran out of there like my pants were on fire.

  2. Ahhh, its so nice that you are willing to giveaway to all of us, and so sad that there wasn't more of an uptake and more comments.

    Don't worry about your crazy week, you're *probably* not loosing your marbles just yet! lol! Even at the tender age of 21 I have moments like that. For example, yesterday morning, I put my teapot in my fridge. Epic epic fail. And today, I leave work full of the joys of friday without my car parking ticket, and have to do the 10 minute walk to the car park twice. Great Laura, well done!

    Your knit night sounds fantastic, I would so love to do something like that! You should bring knit-themed snacks, like strawberry laces, that you can knit up into a yummy edible treat!

    Hope you have a nice relaxing weekend, take a break, it sounds like you need one! And thanks again for your incredibly generous giveaway. I will email you with my details. Laura x

  3. Laura, how funny about the fridge! Wednesday, when I got home from work (before DH), I was prepping for dinner and found that he had put the sugar canister in the fridge! Left it for him to find :)

  4. That's okay! I don't know know if I'm coming or going this week either. My kitty is sick and my dog was sick 2 nights ago, so time passes away as I cuddle both of them.

    Sounds like you have an amazing weekend coming up! have fun!

  5. Sounds like you've had quite a week, but I still think the manly cowl counts as a Friday FO! The weekend Knit-Inn sounds wonderful!

  6. I'm jealous of your Knit-Inn! And I wish I had seen your blog this past Monday! I've been busy trying to do all my schoolwork before we go on a mini vacation. Your bracelets look lovely! I really like the look of the copper with the beads, it stands out in a nice way. I have gone into the wrong restroom a few times...and recently my husband who speaks and understands way more german than i do, came back and asked me which door was the men's door at a restaurant a few weeks ago! I thought it was hilarious:)



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