Monday, October 25, 2010

I'm too socksy for my socks...sing it with me!

 Yes, I know they don't appear to match, but they do...same ball of Mini Mochi and same pattern.  The real story here is that the right one has been MIA for about 2 weeks.  I love these socks.  I come close to worshiping the ground that my feet walk upon with them on!  Then, girlfriend on the right disappeared.  

I am saddened to have to report that my accusations of theft focused on certain felines in the house, although Wes was more inclined to think it was Mr. Golden Re-Arranger (Jack) that was the criminal.  

I sulked.  I refused to wear alternate slippers (I'm stupid stubborn that way).

Daily, my sweet little kitties have been grilled about the whereabouts of said sock.  They were purr-fectly content to remain silent.  Buggers!

This morning, while putting my jammies away...

Do I really have to say anything else? 

Fine!...there it was stuck to a nightgown I have not worn in about, oh, let's say 2 weeks, but has been washed, dried and put away.  

My toes were so happy to be reunited with soft sockie that I did a happy dance and wore them with my Birkies today.  

Yep, I'm about a foot away from the funny farm. 

 Remember this?  The Castaway Raft remains in pieces in front of my garage.  I have to learn to say "No, you may not bring home a large raft of carpet tubes to keep for awhile as a reminder of your project and to potentially use as a sled when it snows."  I need to attend Remedial No-Saying Classes.  

 What a sweet, yet slightly p***ed off face.  Ashley, along with 3 of my other babies escaped out the door to the garage last night (which some un-named husband left open).  Sophie, Norman, Amos, and Ashley managed to find a way out of the garage.  No surprise with Sophie, she is a regular escape artist, but Ashley was a surprise.  She normally is the most hidey, skittish, scaredy cat in the world.  Plus she hardly EVER meows, and then it sounds like a kitten on helium. 

When I awoke this morning, she was outside the sleeping porch looking in...and slightly terrified.  Tried to catch her, but she reverted to her usual purrsonality and skedaddled under the porch.  Did some kitty herding and got Amos and Norman back in.  Sophie, well she was on her own...she would return as soon as she reaaaalllly had to pee!

Left the outside door to the garage open in hopes that Ashley would at least hide in there.  She did.  And has taken up her usual residence under my bed (she ran as soon as the camera clicked).

 Look who returned.  Please let me in Meowmy....I've really gotta go!!!

As previously mentioned, surgery on the felted jacket started over the weekend.  This is the contrasting yarn color I am using for the blanket stitch edging.

 Sleeves are edged (had to cut FOUR inches off them) and the rest of the edging has been started.  Hope to finish it tonight while watching mindless TV.

The bracelets are done and ready to be shipped out.  Bella is guarding them from her perch in the living room window.

I will be making a trip to the Post Office tomorrow.  The one on the left is going to Denise, the middle one to Sarajewel, and the one on the right to Laura Jane.  I hope you ladies enjoy them!

P.S.  Found out this afternoon that my favorite sister (okay, my ONLY sister) follows this here little blog on her Reader. Awwww...

P.S.S.  I love you Carrie!


P.S.S.S.S.S.  Just kidding...about the stalker case you were worried.  :)


  1. First of all, just a foot away from the funny farm? Come on, enter the gates, I've been frolicking around here for years. My kids are all grown, they sent me here in a speeding station wagon.

    Been there done that with the school projects.

    I need that class in remedial No-saying still. I think we should as the director of the Funny Farm to have one, it should be quite popular.

    Lastly, thank you, thank you! It's soooo pretty. My mail natzi will be getting suspicious when I start stalking her later this week.

  2. The socks rock! I also really like the blanket stitch sweater edging. Finally, thank you for the bracelet. It is gorgeous! Love the green.

  3. Dina, your furr-babies are gorgeous!! I want! Ashley especially looks like a beautiful egyptian princess, i bet shes a prima dona right?

    Glad you found yours sock, I hate it when that happens. Me and N just have a giant draw of black socks, so their always odd but it works out okay.

    Your cardy is looking good, i think she'll make a quick recover from the surgery lol! I like the contrasting edge, makes it look very Autumnal.

    Finaly, the bracelets. They are AMAZING! I can't believe that gorgeously gorgeous purple one is coming my way! Your the best! The look really good together on the table like that, you must have put in so much effort! Needless to say, when its round my wrist there will be a grand bloggy reveal...


    P.S. I'm intrigued, I've heard you mention it a couple of times now, whats a sleeping porch?!

  4. Funny post! The bracelets are beautiful.

  5. Laura, Ashley is such a sweetie, but even after a year she is still a little skittish, but is warming up (she was quite WILD when we found her...her mama was the feral cat living in our neighborhood that is also the mama to Amos and Norman)

    LOL...people always ask me about the sleeping porch. It is exactly what it sounds like. It is an outdoor bedroom. When we remodeled the house we added a screened in porch off of our bedroom. It is fitted out like a regular bedroom...side table, iron bed, etc... I think back in some older posts there are some pics of it. We sleep out there A LOT. Even through the winter. The only time we don't is when it is oppressively humid or when the temp drops to low teens or single digits. Best thing ever!!!

  6. Dina, I can honestly say the sleeping porch sounds like the best idea EVER!! gonna run off and see if I can find your pictures now!!



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