Thursday, October 28, 2010

It's the Great Pumpkin

It is official, I am slowly becoming one of those people that I complain about.  You know..."the _________ holiday/birthday/celebration/whatever snuck up on me!"  Holidays are typically (with a couple of exceptions) always the same date every year, so why is it such a surprise when BAM! it is there?  

I am now eating crow and quite frankly not finding the feathers very ticklish.  Every year, my children receive gifts from The Great Pumpkin.  Who am I kidding, they know it is me!  The Easter Bunny and Cupid also make an appearance annually as well.  

I don't mean GIFTS...just simple little tokens.  Often, they will be things like the obligatory candy, movie passes or iTunes cards or xbox points or other things like that.  I have fun doing it and I know they enjoy it.  Usually a couple of weeks before the holiday, they will start dropping hints wondering what the Great Easter Cupid might bring this year along with suggestions regarding their current favorite candy.  

I know Halloween is Sunday.  I know that I have to prepare for/shop for/cook for/stuff bags for/plan scavenger hunt for a Fall Festival that will be held on Saturday for our county's Group Homes.  Have I started?  Sorta, but mostly not.  

Finally, last night did manage to stop by the store to pick up what was needed for Great Pumpkin gifts.  But only because it dawned on me that since two have them have to be shipped, they HAVE to go out today.  Thank goodness for next day air super saver.  

Tonight, there will be some serious list making.  The menu for Saturday is set:  mini subs, chips, cookies, drinks, and homemade ultra sinful heart attack on a stick caramel apples.  The scavenger hunt list is in my head.  Prizes have been planned...a selection of board games/puzzles/craft supplies for each home.  The team that comes back with the most items will get first choice of the prize baskets.  

Tomorrow, well, I suppose I should actually go buy all the supplies and games and foods and start cooking/prepping.  

I totally missed WIPW this week, not intentionally.  

Last night was the last Squares Class.  Linda taught us how to do a pretty crochet technique to join and embellish all the squares.  It is super fast and easy.

Below is my freaky alien hand starting a new row to join them.  See that little raised dot by my thumb?...  That is a scar from a wasp  sting I got over 20 years ago.  And the foot belongs to my friend Liz.  Hi Liz!!!  So, although, I was unable to actually post anything at Tami's, I was in fact, actually actively WIP on W, so that is my story.

That's all I've got for now.  Waiting for Wes to come pick me up at the shop, go home, eat corned beef, and start the list making.  

See ya on the other side of tonight (aka tomorrow).


  1. Wow, you have a busy few days ahead of you. I'm busy making felted slippers for tomorrow.

    I have still have a scar from a wasp sting over 40 years ago.

    The squares, the part I could see look really good.

  2. I know how it is having the holiday sneak up on you. And I really have no excuse since I'm home all day. This year we didn't even get a pumpkin! I'm so dissapointed in myself!



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