Monday, October 11, 2010

Monday Milestones

Today is a big day of sorts.

I have now officially surpassed the 1000+ mark for page hits/views.  I have only been monitoring this since the end of August (yes, I have made sure to not count my own views or page bots). 

So, in honor of this little milestone, I am having a giveaway.

Where did my love of crafting, homemaking, cooking, sewing and all that come from?  

As a very young girl, I loved going to my Granny Grammer's.  I have vivid memories of being around 4 or 5 years old and having her begin teaching me all sorts of things.  She had a beautiful china doll that she always said would one day be mine (it now resides in my bedroom in the rocking chair given to me by Granny and Papa Grammer when I was 5).  Granny liked to take fabric scraps and make dresses for the doll.  She would also make all the underclothes out of muslin and lace scraps.  Decorative touches would be added using old jewelry bits.  Granny never had an electric sewing machine.  She taught me first how to cut the pattern out and hand sew pieces together.  As I improved, I graduated to sewing on her treadle machine.  Many hours were spent pumping my feet to make that needle fly!  My Mother also had a treadle machine at our house, and for years after learning, I preferred using it over the electric machine. 

When I look back at my childhood, Granny Grammer plays a very prominent role.  It was by her side that I learned to cook.  Nothing tasted quite as good as something she made.  To this day, her pie crust is utterly divine, a cinch to make, and one that I prefer over all others.  

This amazing lady taught me so much more...a tireless work ethic, gardening, cleaning, crocheting...the list goes on and on.  I am blessed to have so many of her things in my own home.  They are a constant reminder of where I came from.  The dining room table and sideboard now grace my home.  The antique telephone bench now is in the corner by my staircase.  The china vase that hung on the wall where she stood and ironed while watching her shows is in a place of honor on my sleeping porch (I also have the first electric iron that she owned).  Many other things of hers are also with me, but they are only memory triggers for me and do not adequately represent everything she gave me in the realm of her teachings.

My boys also had a wonderful relationship with her.  She adored them!  To this day, stories and silly family jokes that they have heard all of their lives are repeated with love and affection for the woman that prompted them.   

So, along this train of thought for the giveaway...

Leave a comment describing who or what triggered your love of crafting.

Using a random number generator, I will select one winner to receive a knitted wire bracelet (similar to this or this) in your choice of silver or copper (I will select the beads).  Deadline for entry will be Thursday, October 14 at noon.  Winner will be announced Friday. 


  1. What a great question. I have been pondering all day. Everyone in my family makes something of the handmade sort. I also love the Arts and Crafts movement and the emphasis on quality and artistry. I like the uniqueness and process of a handmade item. A quilt is the product of a thousand decisions. For each crafted object, there is nothing quite like it in the world and there never has been and never will be another.

  2. My Grandmother and Mom taught me to crochet when I was 4 and they both got crochet ripple afghan kits for Christmas. My Grandmother taught me to shuttle tat. I learned to knit from my Grandfather, who knit socks for the Army during WWI.

    My Grandparents were the ones who encouraged me in all things really. They loved to see how I took the basics they taught me and soared to levels beyond what they knew.

  3. What a lovely story about your Granny. I think for me, it was a combination of 3 people. When I was young, i.e. before school age, my mom had to work so she got me the most amazing nanny/childminder. Mel, the nanny's name, planted the craft seed in my mind. I vividly remember lining the kitchen floor and base units with paper, rolling around in paint and printing on everything in sight! The second person was one of my school teachers, Mrs Bowyer. She was as art crazy as I was. She was one of those people that really got me. She managed to bring some sort of arts and craft into every lesson and really inspired me. Lastly, I hold Ravelry, its creators and most importantly its members, responsible for my latest obsession! Every single day I see incredible things made by others that inspire me to be better than I am. I read blogs (this one included!) that make me yearn for new skills and launch me in different crafting directions.

  4. crafting allowed me to keep my sanity during college. i'd crocheted on and off since i was little, so it was not new to me. but at one point during college, i realized i might be developing a little anxiety issue. after a couple mild breakdowns, my friend said that we should teach ourselves to knit. you know, for down time. and off i went. my final semester of college i even managed to work it into one of my class presentations. if it weren't for crafting, i might not be able to type out this comment, with my arms being stuck in the straight jacket and all :)



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