Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The never-ending sweater

There are only 2 projects actively on needles for this week's installment in the life and times of my knitting escapades. 

Don't be fooled, by no stretch of the imagination am I implying that those are the ONLY 2 projects going right now.  They are simply the ones getting attention this week.  I have a couple of deadlines...probably unrealistic, but hey, I'm not kidding anyone, my deadlines usually are unrealistic!

The first on needles, I don't currently have a picture of, which is okay, because if there was then three people would know what something looks like that they are going to be receiving.  Whew...can I get an award for multiple commas and run on?

So, snoopy people will just have to wait until Friday for a peak at what is coming their way. 

Second, and this is where I become delusional, is the dreaded Butterfly Pullover which can be found in here.

This book has several wonderful patterns.  The pullover is going to be gorgeous.  Three other women in my knitting group are also making it.  Two of them <scowling fiercely> have already finished it and one <growling> even had the nerve to wear hers yesterday.  Good thing I like them bunches!  Kidding aside, they sweaters are truly lovely...great job.  So, not that I am competitive at all <snorting and choking>, but I really really really want to be finished by next week.  

Here is where I am...

  The back and one sleeve are done.  Second sleeve is on needles.  All I have left is the front (with 2 intarsia inserts), the collar, placket, and sewing up.  Somebody wanna jerk me back to reality before I hurt myself???

The other thing this week that IS a WIP but not on needles is blocking the squares from the class I took.  There are 12 squares of a different stitch each.  Six on the board, six waiting in the wings.   Next week, we will be joining them with a fancy schmancy crochet technique.  THEN, one whole Christmas present will be done!  Wow, I under impress myself sometimes.

Amos likes it though...

And don't forget to visit Tami's for a peek at other WIPs.  You won't be disappointed.


  1. Gorgeous colors! You're so brave and skilled to do intarsia.

  2. I so feel you on wanting to finish that sweater. Really. I'm getting up at 5:15 these days to knit a few rows before work. It's a sickness. My advice? Embrace your motivation, but don't kill yourself (or get carpal tunnel) trying to get it done. :) Wow -- that's SO much easier to tell someone else!

  3. I'm not snooping at all. Not me.

    Good luck with the sweater. It looks good so far.

  4. Ooh, that sweater is going to be beautiful! Looking forward to seeing it on a FO Friday post.

  5. You are soo sooo sooooo close to finishing that sweater! Here's to hoping you get it done in your deadline for yourself!

  6. I really, really love the colors of your sweater. And presents are always good reasons for a lack of pictures. I do it all the time! :)

  7. The sweater looks great so far! Waiting to see it all done!

  8. Wow, you're so close to finishing that jumper! I'm sure you'll have it finished by next week :) Can't wait to see it!



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