Friday, October 29, 2010

Out of surgery

It's done.

It was scary.

It was necessary.

It was a success.

The before:

I liked the whole premise of this jacket.  But in reality, it was simply too big, too overpowering, too heavy, too ruffly.


Me likey.  After it was initially finished and blocked, I whacked off a good two inches from each side.  It still was too big and awkward on me.  It got stuffed in my dresser drawer.  When getting out my winter clothes, out it came again and was a mental thorn in my side.  It took A LONG TIME to knit up and was frustrating that so much time/energy had been exerted for something I did not love.

After much thought, meditation, and plain old "what have I actually got to lose" convincing of myself...out came the scissors. 

First to go was the ruffle around the neck and front.  That was liberating (and the cats liked the pieces I tied into knots and threw on the floor as toys).  Shockingly, just that first alteration made a huge difference in the fit.  It began to hang better.

Next to go was a total of 4 inches off of each sleeve.  I basted up about another inch off the sides to check fit and determined that it was fine without that final adjustment.  

Completed the contrasting blanket stitch, added a silver hook closure, and finished off the side seams again with blanket stitch, and I am happy to report that it FITS and I LOVE IT!

And on that happy note for a successful FO Friday, it is time for lunch because it is also "Jimmy John's Friday."  Yay, #6 with extra sprouts, here I come!

Don't forget to pop on by Tami's to see what everyone else has been up to.


  1. Wow. Wow, wow, wow! That turned out amazingly great! Thanks for the inspiration as I start dissecting the bottom of my sweater. :)

  2. Congratulations on a beautiful job! I like the closure you chose, and I'm inspired to see you turn your sweater into something you will wear now.

  3. WOWOWOWOW, holy smokes! That's amazing. You should totally be proud of yourself!

  4. Wowee!! Love the look you came up with! I also love the look with the ruffles, but hey are those FELTED ruffles??? That would be like cement overshoes.

  5. Exactly! Was something like 178 stitches picked up around the jacket and knit for I think 2 inches before felting. The thing was really heavy. On the plus side it is a nice warm jacket.

  6. Wow!!! That is an amazing transformation. You are brave (and skilled). The finished sweater is perfect.

  7. It looks great! What a difference! You did a wonderful job and I'm sure all the hard work was worth it!



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