Friday, October 22, 2010

Pooped out by a Pink Princess

I am tired, pooped, exhausted, weary, fatigued, tuckered, whipped, you get the idea?

Last night, true to normal kid tendencies, we were surprised by the announcement at 5:30 pm that Madi needed a costume for tonight's XC pasta party/Halloween costume party.  

And not just anything.

A princess.

A pink princess.

Not to difficult to find, right?  WRONG!!!

Went to the Target...nothing.

Went to Halloween City...well they had fairies, Disney princesses, and a couple of pink princess costumes complete with blinking LED lights (???? I have no clue about that one!)...except...NOTHING in her size. The largest we could find was a child's medium.  

Are there NO adult females that want to be a princess???...and NOT a sl***y one???

Okay, fine.  Plan B.  Ran next door to Hobby Lobby (thank you Simplicity patterns on sale for $1.99!) grabbed a pattern and some fabric.  My intention was to do a minimal version of the lining, interfacing, blah blah blah.  

Finally, home after also making a surprise "Boo Basket" delivery request that was part of the last minute announcements.  Fortunately, I had dinner ready (mostly) in the crock pot...beef stroganoff.  Whipped up some spaetzle to go with it, ate, and started working.  

At 1:30 this morning, it was finished...but not without one slight issue when I was tired/distracted and had the iron too hot resulting in the front section of the corset melting/dissolving and the subsequent fixing required. 

Tried to go to bed, but too tired/wound up/sore from my afternoon run.  The last time I looked at the clock it was 3:30.  Great...

Got up at 5 to make last minute alterations when Madi tried it on.  

She loved it.  That makes it all worthwhile.  In the grand scheme of things, I actually do like doing things like this.  That being said, however, it seems I like the pressure supposedly exerted by others...clearly evidenced by the lack of work on Butterfly Pullover.  

Bad my sleepy stupor...I forgot to take pictures of the pretty princess in pink.

Still not gonna share the "snoopy peoples' surprise" :)  The day I send them out, a picture will be posted.  

As far as FO's for the day...

The Flounce scarf is finished.  It was fun, but a classic been there, done that now.  

And now, if you happen to see or sense that I am curled up and napping, please don't wake me up, but do go check out finished projects at  Tami's.


  1. Oh my, you are amazing! I hope you do get pics of the pink princess outfit sometime today! I hope she appreciated all the work and lack of sleep!

    Love the scarf, too!

  2. Oh gosh, I've had times like that. On things like costumes being sewed, my kids gave me enough notice, it was just my procrastination or too many irons in the fire that I would be up all night.

    I hope you get pictures when she comes back and you wake from you coma.

  3. Your pink princess story brings back memories! And the scarf is so cool. It must be fun to wear.

  4. I laughed out loud when I read the title of your post. You will have to show a photo of the pink princess at a later date.
    BTW, the flounce scarf is cute. Have a good nap!

  5. I doubt the costume will even make it back home. Oh well. Still worth it. The scarf is actually quite soft, squishy and warm.



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