Monday, October 18, 2010

Think I may be getting older...

say it isn't so!

I am exhausted.

This weekend was so much fun.

My kids will laugh at me for even daring to say that a "knitting weekend" could be exhausting...

But, they don't understand.  Then again, their idea of fun typically consists of x-box games that I find ridiculous, so it is all relative.  

Liz and I took off Saturday morning bright and early for a girl's day out.  Headed to Bloomington to visit a couple of yarn stores there.  It seems as if everytime I go to downtown Bloomington, the streets are blocked/closed for some sort of event.  This Saturday was no exception.  First stop, after going way too far north on the street, we finally arrived at In a Yarn Basket.  Lots of yummy yarns.  We both bought some Flounce yarn.  Next stop was Yarns Unlimited. 

After wandering around both stores, we headed off for Nashville.  Well, that was not a good idea...we both forgot about "the leaf-lookers."  NEXT!  Last stop for us was Sheep Street.  Overall a fun day of fiber fondling!  One of the highlights was lunch at Frenchy's Pub in Morgantown.  Fabulous food and quite hilarious when a group of bikers came in and kept us entertained!  OH MY!  All I can say is Victor Mature!

Arrived back home just in time to literally throw my stuff into an overnight bag, drop Chris off at work and go the Inn for my weekend Knit Inn.  A total of 8 of us spent the weekend in this gorgeous home.  

I taught a class in making knitted wire bracelets.  

Bedroom portion of Clementine Suite.

Sitting room of Clementine Suite.

Garden view from Clementine Suite.
Staircase in entrance.

 The Library

 The Library

 Dining Room


 Library view from Terrace

 A bunch of tired Knit Inn ladies...that's what happens when you stay up until 2am knitting and talking.


It was such a treat to stay in this beautiful and historic home...made even better by spending the time with old and new friends!  

And just in case I hadn't already thrown myself under the bus's the photographic evidence of Friday's Salad Stuffing incident.


  1. Loving the pictures of your knit-inn! I'm so jealous, it looks like you had sooo much fun! The inn looks lovely, just as I would expect an American inn to look like :-) And those bracelets are gorgeous, i'm literally so excited to get mine! You are amazing Dina! I wrote you a little thankyou in my latest blog post, have you seen it? Hoping you have a nice rest after your tiring weekend, perhaps have some salad for tea tonight? ;-)

  2. I'm glad your exhausted from a fun weekend. I love that one photo of the salad stuffing incident with the cat in the corner. Looks like he/she is saying "Can you believe this?"

  3. Looks like you had a wonderful weekend. That place looks gorgeous! And so nastalgic!



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