Wednesday, October 6, 2010

WIPW...for some people anyway

Holy Moly, where did the week go?  And what exactly have I been doing?

There has not been much time for me to sit down to update on here.

So, this will serve as a several day recap.

Saturday, while Madi was at XC practice, I went to Cottage Knits for a Yard Sale.  Picked up some wonderful Mini Mochi---4 balls of a blackish colorway that I already have 2 of, 1 of a green that I have 2 of and 1 of a green/purple colorway that I am now going to have to search for some more of because it is beautimous!  Also got a bag of assorted reds with some novelty yarns along with some merino that I think would make a lovely scarf, some purty blue-ish teal-ish sock yarn, some wool bits for a project to be discussed later, and an assortment of bamboo circs.  SCORE!!!

When practice was over, the 4 of us headed out to Metamora for Canal Days.  Was a little chilly, but fine...until the rain started.  Last year, we stumbled across an incredible craftsman there.  Humberto Hernandez is a silver jeweler that makes beautiful pieces of art. 

I love jewelry that is handcrafted and one of a kind.  Give me something that you absolutely cannot find by walking into any sort of store and I am in heaven.  Wes feels the same way.  That makes every single piece of jewelry he gives me all the more special.  Last year, he purchased a stunning Druzy Agate set in silver made by this artist.  

This year, I wore the Agate, hoping that Humberto would be there.  He was!...and promptly commented on my necklace, remembering it from last year.  He tries to create totally different design concepts for each year.  I was blessed to receive this...

Polished Jasper set in a solid silver with "filigree" accents setting.  The colors in the stone are gorgeous and change with what they are next to.  Thank you Humberto for being such an artist, and thank you to my sweet Wes for appreciating special jewelry instead of mass produced/big box store jewelry.

While in Metamora, we took the opportunity to pick up several packages of corn meal from the local Grist Mill.  Rainy or not...a fun day!

Sunday was spent cleaning up the house and completing a multitude of little tasks.  We have been in search of, and have found recipes for homemade laundry detergent and dishwasher detergent...among others.  Several loads have now been done of both laundry and dishes with wonderful success.  There appears to be absolutely no difference in the cleaning ability, yet there is no longer the concern of excess chemicals.  Using the wool bits, plus some from my remnant stash, I made wool dryer balls.  We are hooked.  With the homemade detergent and the dryer balls, the clothes smell better/fresher and are significantly softer than when using the commercial products.  Also managed to get some beef jerky done on the dehydrator and put up 2 quarts of homemade apple pie filling.  

Progress is slow on the Cardboard Boat.  The launch will take place on Thursday.  This will be interesting, to say the least.

Here are Chris and Clayton hard at work on it Monday night...

looks suspiciously like something else doesn't it?  They "had been working forever" and were taking a break!  

Tuesday night, it now looks like...

final decorative touches tonight and let's hope this puppy floats!

Knitting wise, I did finish the rust/purple sweater and will feature it on Friday.  Still plodding along with everything else.  Yesterday, my friend Jane asked me to come over to her house for lunch and to teach her and three of her friends how to make the wire bracelets.  It was a pleasure to meet the other ladies.  Jane is a terrific cook and a salad she made is now on my list of sounds disgusting, but was delish....Watermelon Salad (had chunked watermelon, fresh coarse chopped basil, crumbled feta cheese and Italian dressing in it and onions too, I think).

In honor of a couple of upcoming milestones, there will be a celebration of sorts on here...more to come on that topic.  

Thanks to Tami for hosting the ongoing WIPW meme.  Be sure to visit her blog and check out all hers and all the other blogs featured there!


  1. I love the "hard at work" LOL. Looks a lot like what my husband "works" on during the weekends!

    What a gorgeous necklace. My friend's sister has a jewelry company. When I was getting married, I had her make a necklace for me. It meant so much more to have it handmade than if I were to go to the store and buy something.

    I'll keep my fingers crossed on the raft floating!

    Do you have a recipe (maybe you posted it and I missed it) for the laundry detergent? I can only use one brand (Wisk) of detergent because of my crazy sensitive skin. I wonder if homemade products would be better for me!

  2. I bought mine at 3 years ago and they are going strong. Just be careful not to buy the raveled up ones- they do come apart after a month or two use!

  3. Thanks for the dryer ball idea!!! They are wonderful!



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