Sunday, November 21, 2010



There, I said it.  Don't hate me.

It smells good, but not gonna taint my tastebuds.  (Yes, I have tried repeatedly over the years to LEARN to like it...geez, why would anyone think something you have to learn to like is good?)

It's Sunday morning.  The men of this house know I am going to make waffles for breakfast.  Yet, still they sleep.

Oh well...more time for me and my tea.

My favorite teapot (Blue Willow).  Actually, my only obscene is that???

My favorite teacup and saucer.  I have four of these.  They are verrrrry old.  They were given to me by my Cousin Audrey about 20 years ago.  They were some of her prized possessions.  Audrey was the first cousin of my Papa Grammer.   I grew up with Audrey and her husband D.C. always around.  She and D.C. loved camping, playing Wahoo, had Pekingnese dogs and I have a treasure trove of memories with them.  Bless her heart, as a little girl I loved "doing" Audrey's hair.  She was so patient and sweet...always letting me wreak havoc upon it even if she had just been to the salon that day to get her hair did.  My sister and I called her "Audindranner".  I have no idea how we came up with that. 

Be still my heart.  The Gods have poured forth the Elixir that sustains me (hot OR iced).

(PG Tips in case you were wondering)


  1. Who could not love tea in from that gorgeous tea pot and cup?

  2. More coffee for me. I love your teapot and cup. Those are wonderful memories.



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