Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Bonfires, Weenies, and Oops...

Every year for the last 40 years, my husband's parents have had a Bonfire/Weenie Roast on the Saturday before Halloween.  

This year, we were afraid it would be canceled because of the drought we have been experiencing.  Fortunately, the rain came and plans moved forward.  

During the year, my father-in-law collects wood/sticks/burnable debris purposely for this event.  In years past, the fire has been HUGE.  He actually has 2 fires going...the bonfire itself and a second cook fire over which he prepares a pot of yummy pot of beans.  Long time family friends (and former neighbors) are partners in crime for pulling the event off.

This is TEENY TINY compared to year's past.  But believe me, it was verrrry warm!!

When I arrived, the fire was blazing, people were gathering and it promised to be a fun evening.  Wes was a little bit behind me as he had been at Geist Reservoir all day fishing in a tournament.  

As always, food, family, and friends were great!

This is also the first year that something happened...

Oops!  It seems there were still some hot embers hanging around when the tools were put back in the barn.  It is all okay and repairs have started.


  1. Looks fun! Sorry about the Oops though.

  2. Yikes! Barn fires can be so dangerous. Glad it was caught in time to save it.



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