Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Cats and Christmas...

I have to get busy.

Time is slipping away.  

The main goal for today is to force myself to sit down, make the list of everyone I wish to give a gift to this year and put at least one idea down for each.  

This has sorta already been started.  Kids don't count since I start plotting their gifts in July, but everyone else seems to stump me.  

There are several knitted items ready to go that were made for specific people, but I am in fear that the number of people I wish to make a gift for will exceed the number of hours/days available to complete.  Hmmm, guess that is what all-nighters and caffeine are for.  

At present, the sourdough starter has "started."  Amazing what a little warmth in the house will do!

Knitting wise, I have completed a couple of projects that will be featured on Friday.  As far as WIP, the Butterfly Pullover is still  in its cocoon phase.  The second sleeve is almost done...I am at the sleeve cap shaping point.  Saw no reason for a new pic since you already saw the other one, and well, this one looks the same (THANK GOODNESS!).

On a funny note, the kitties are keeping me giggling.  They have a bad habit of chewing on some of my houseplants.  To discourage this, I planted some wheat grass for them.  

That worked until it died off.  However, silly Ashley is still chewing on the dead blades.  

I felt sorry for them and Monday, purchased a catnip plant.  Have not had the time to get it into the flower pot, and honestly, at the rate they are going, it may not make it there.  

Amos pretending that he is not interested.  The other 4 scattered when I appeared in the room.

Mmmmmm, I am sooooo relaxed.  I love this stuff and I love you Meowmy.

If I could just get my head in here a little bit further...

It's never dull around here, that is for sure!

In case you are wondering if anyone else is actually working on something productive rather than tormenting their kitties with treats, visit Tami.


  1. I'm so unprepared for Christmas! Sounds like you've got a good idea about getting organised, I may have to take a leaf out of your book!

  2. Too bad all of us Christmas slackers didn't live near each other. Would be a lot easier sitting with others who have way too much knitting/crocheting to do!

    Your kitties are hilarious! Mine both love cat grass and catnip!

  3. Well, it looks like the cats are happy with their Christmas present, so you can check them off the list. And keep us posted on the sourdough progress -- I've been dying to try it myself, but it sounds like it might have to wait til summer at this point...

  4. I'm with you on the all-nighters! I have to get going too. Your kitty is adorable. : )



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