Friday, November 19, 2010


It is done.  

Off needles.

Ends woven in.

I cheated and wore it before blocking it.

And now it is finishing drying.  

It makes me smile.

And it made  me cuss a little.

But, it was worth it.

Here it is before blocking.

And now for a Sourdough Starter recap...first batch...I killed it.  Second batch...I killed it.  Third batch...not going there, sticking to homemade whole wheat bread. 

Over at Tami's there's a whole lot of finishing going on.

The End.


  1. It's beautiful! I especially like the flower on the back. And I love it that you went ahead and wore it before blocking. . .that means you really love it too, which is the most important part, after all!

  2. It's stunning. You should be soo happy and proud of it! There are some wonderful sweaters on FO Friday this week, wow!

  3. Very pretty. No pictures of you modeling it?

    Maybe you could try the fermenting process in the summer.

  4. Lol. Well I took the pics the same night I got it off needles wore it the next day and forgot to have wes take a pic then I soaked and blocked it. Hopefully will get one "in action" soon. Strange when soaking bled which I expected, but it bled orange and not green. As the yarn is handspun/dyed each skein was slightly different in color and texture so the bleeding actually helped even out the colors.



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