Friday, November 5, 2010

FO Friday

Yay! It is Friday...and it's quiet at the shop. 

Disclaimer about the upcoming pictures...although they were taken with the good camera, they WERE taken in my office which has horrible lighting even on a good day.

As mentioned previously, the Squares Blanket is done and ready to be soaked/final blocked in plenty of time for Christmas.  I used EcoWool.

Next, off the needles this week was a multi-directional scarf made for myself using 1 ball of Mini-Mochi.  It is a teensy bit short, but will make a great decorative accent piece for an outfit.  I have the perfect purple tee to wear it with.  

And now, off my sewing machine needles...whipped up 6 of these lovely pillows.  All of the pillows on my living room couch were getting rather sad and quite frankly smelled a bit like teenager feet <eeewwwww gross!!!> so it was time for them to vacate the premises.   I know 6 sounds like a lot of pillows, but the couch is actually a large sectional so they are spread out.  The really great thing is that the fabric for these plus all the fiberfill cost LESS than what I had originally paid for just 2 ready made decorative pillows.  SCORE!!!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.  My sweetie and I hope to return to the world of home renovation now that fishing season is over for him.  Thank heavens, I am ready for some trimwork to get done! 

Go visit Tami to see what has been keeping everyone else busy.


  1. pretty blanket! I've never knit with eco-wool, but heard lots of good things about it

  2. Oh Dina I do so love that blanket. Its amazing! Pattern please? ♥

  3. Your squares blanket is gorgeous... and that's a very pretty scarf :)

  4. Lovely blanket and scarf. I like lots of throw pillows, too.

    Teenager feet, eeeew, I don't miss those.

  5. I love all your projects, but I must say that blanket especially is absolutely beautiful!

  6. Maggie - Grammer CousinFri Nov 05, 04:22:00 PM EDT

    Blanket = want! Gorgeous! My wonderful mother-in-law made me a blanket for my queensized bed that is squares of crochet in a patterned stitch with popcorn stitches and ribbed stitches and then the squares are in alternating 90* placement. It's gorgeous.

  7. Wow Dina! All of your projects are great, but the blanket is exceptional.

  8. I agree, the blanket is amazingly pretty! It looks so soft.

    I've heard great things about Mochi yarn but have yet to use it! It's so pretty!



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