Friday, November 26, 2010

Holiday FO's

Wesley loves his car...and he really scares me (not really, but it's the motherly thing to say)

Yay for Fred!! It's not even December and he is done shopping for Carrie. Boo for Carrie, she got to hold it in her hands but does not get to open/use it until Christmas!!!

Made a little stop by this shop in Bentonville. No fabulous fibers were found that could not be lived without :(

Have been doing a little knitting, but nothing to warrant a post. The Poppy sweater is progressing and one of Wes' socks is off needles.

Being as it is the day after Thanksgiving, of course the turkey has not even been finished off. Funny, though...

We had no trouble whatsoever finishing off these...

1 comment:

  1. Great after Thanksgiving post. Wesley looks like he is a responsible driver. If he really loves his car he's less likely to do anything to mess it up.



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