Monday, November 8, 2010

I can't believe I am doing it again...

As if this day was not long enough, I am now getting the pleasure of...

waiting and waiting and waiting with my son.

I hereby proclaim that I am self-awarding myself "Mom of the Moment".

In case you have not heard, there is a new xbox game being released tonight at midnight.

Somehow he managed to convince me to do this again. We did this for the last release also.

Yes, I am under-impressed and slightly underwhelmed, but it makes my baby boy happy.

So, here I sit in Culver's enjoying some chocolate custard and waiting.

Thank goodness for wi-fi connections, iced tea, and my knitting bag.

Tomorrow, I will be posting about an upcoming project that has me second guessing choices.

Your suggestions and guidance will be greatly appreciated.


  1. Boyfriend tried to pursuade me to do the same... I was having none of it! He can wait till after work like everyone else lol!

    BTW, you should totally get into quilting! I'll give you any advice you need :-) In fact, I just sent one of my friends a lengthly email about where to start, I'll forward it to you on Rav. x

  2. Oh, I'm sooo glad mine are all grown, I couldn't imagine waiting for a game at midnight.

    Now, chocolate custard run at midnight, I'm totally there on that.

  3. My husband and I would have been doing that if we were in the states when Fable III came out. Instead we had to pre-order it and wait for it to get here 5 days after it came out. Yes, I admit I am a game dork, but only when it comes to Fable! What game was your son getting?

  4. He was getting Black Ops and he managed to wait until last night to start playing it.

  5. Laura...that would be fabulous!

  6. Depending on what the game is, you can preorder it from the manufacturer (EA games etc). The hubby did that and got the game (Assassin's Creed if it matters) the day BEFORE it hit the stores.....



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