Thursday, November 11, 2010

Learning to TINK

No, I do know how to frog, rip, tear out whatever you wish to call it.  

But sometimes, I get a little bored and want to do things differently,  yet still get the same results.  

Enter my version of TINK.  (knitting backwards).

My friend Cheryl pondered the question some time back when we were sittin' and knittin'.  Why can't you just do the reverse so you don't have to flip and purl?

Never gave it another moment's thought since it was not high on my list of world troubles to solve.

Monday while killing time surfing mindlessly working very hard at the shop, I stumbled across a thread on Ravelry about this very topic.  Yay! 

Here is a handy dandy link to a video on how to do it.  It feels a tad bit awkward at first, but this earth-stopping piece of info could very well save your life when in the throes of stockinette hell.  Ya know, just to cut the boredom a little.

Now that fishing season is over, Wes and I can return to the regularly scheduled programming of home remodel progress.  We have now been at this process for just over 3 1/2 years.  Sounds like a long time, but when you factor in that we have more than doubled the size of the house, plus huge porches, plus a still unfinished (but ready to finish off) third floor and that, with the exception of the framing and new heat/air install, Wes and his father have done ALL of it.  The big parts are done.  In the new sections, still have to install and paint trim (which they decided to custom make which in turn resulted in the need to make all new trim for the rest of the house too!).  The older portion of the house still needs the rest of the wood floor installed down the girls' hallway, new carpet for their rooms, gutting/redoing their bathroom, redo of the kitchen (new appliances, copper farmhouse sink, custom ipe wood counter tops), repaint the hearth room, paint our bedroom, finish the conversion of the old master bath into walk in closet/dressing room.  Holy Crap! didn't sound like much left to do until I started typing it.  That doesn't even begin to address the plans for driveway, landscaping, pond/stream, and boathouse.  

Back to reality of what can actually get done during this brief four month fishing laundry/craft room.  We moved the laundry from the girls' bathroom and built a nice big 10 X 12 space in the new area to house it and to also be a dedicated crafting space for me.  It is now time to get and install the cabinetry.    I am planning on the long wall being fitted out with base cabinetry to include drawer units plus actual cabinets with pull out shelves to store my sewing machine and serger, plus upper cabinets spanning the length.  The choices and layout options are seemingly endless.  Any thoughts on how you would do a layout if you were faced with a blank canvas?  I need help people!


  1. I always thought Tink was unknitting a stitch at a time instead of a full out frog.

    I didn't think of knitting backwards until this summer I read a post on Ravelry where someone said she could knit English, Continental, forwards and backwards.

  2. I have the "knitting backwards" technique on my list of things to learn. I think it would be great on narrow scarves -- I do a lot of lace patterns with a purl row every other row. As you pointed on in your comment on my blog, with these fiber crafts, one thing just leads to another new thing that you want to learn. I'm trying to learn to crochet and to spin, and it's still hard not to get lured in by something else (needle felting, quilting).

  3. All your projects make me tired, sis!


  4. Think I've figured out why I couldn't post before.



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