Monday, November 15, 2010

Memories...aka...WHAT were we thinking???

I just don't know.

I was there.

I was an active participant.

It was MY car "chomping" the Cyclones...which was better than the year before when we built a toaster out of a fridge box and made toast out of foam to "toast" the Tigers.

But still...

Springdale High School Homecoming Parade 1984.  

Could it get worse?


The cast of "Callous" (our parody of "Dallas") for the Olympics of the Minds 1984 competition.  Oh my...left to BESTEST girlfriend Teresa, me, sad but I don't remember, and Shara.  I remember the skit, the theme music we used and the hours upon hours upon hours I spent building and testing the balsa wood structure to find the design that would hold the most weight while simultaneously being dismantled.  

Oh dear, think I better put the box of pictures away for the night!

1 comment:

  1. I recently found my scrapbook from high school. Oh my. the hair, the outfits. eek!



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