Monday, November 29, 2010

Monday Mania

Welcome back to the real world!

Monday morning following a 4 day weekend out of town found me faced with a mostly full gallon of milk, not yet expired, but quickly approaching the  "you smell it...NO, YOU smell it" stage.  

For better or worse, we decided if we ate and drank fast, we wouldn't notice.  (my vote was that it was okay...smelled like milk to me!)

How is it that the house manages to get messed up even when we are not here???

Might have something to do with it being straightened up until we walk through the door and in a state of exhaustion throw everything on the floor in heaps, and collapse on the couch to settle down before heading to bed.  

The animals seemed to have missed us.  Jack met us at the door with two of my shoes in his mouth, while the cats were perched on the piano and on the counters. 

So, now begins the week of putting away the Fall decorations and dragging out all the Christmas stuff.  Didn't we just do that?  Wouldn't it be easier to just leave everything for each holiday out year round?  You could say you were celebrating Valeastfourthoweengivingmas.  HA...try coming up with a greeting card for that!  Really, it would be so much simpler in theory anyway.  Don't know about you, but I have way too many overly glitterized decorations that lose more glitter on a daily basis than the kitties shed fur!  

Wes has said for some time that he was going to invent a "crap-olator"...sort of an escalator type thing for getting holiday decorations out of the attic.  Nearly all of ours are now housed in the cabinets in the garage, so we rarely have to venture up into the storage abyss.  

It will be a week or two before we go get a tree.  Most of the fun of the tree is going to the tree farm on the coldest, rainiest/snowiest day when the bulk of the ground is one giant mud pit, tromping through looking at each and every tree trying to remember which kind it is that I like, while trying to find one that is better than Charlie Brown's but not too huge, not too bare, not too full, not looking too much like Cousin It, not one with "animial spray paint spots", not the saddest looking, not the most beautiful, but just the right one.   

This is the first year in some time that we did not watch "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation" on Thanksgiving.  Bah humbug on the vetoers of that plan.  Just because no one actually stays in the room to watch it...we LISTEN to it, and deeply emote the sentiment of the story, while showing off our ability to recite it verbatim.  Would you say grace?  I pledge allegiance... Oh well, that means there is more time to watch "A Christmas Story" repeatedly until we want to shoot our eyes out or wish we would go blind from soap poisoning!   

Did you hear that?  Laundry is calling my name...


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  1. I visited an elderly woman once who had each corner of the living room all decorated for a different holiday. Her son did it for her. She said she just moved to chair to the corner the current holiday was.

    I tried to leave the tree up all year with the idea that I would re-decorate with new decorations for each holiday. By the 4th of July, D was so sick of it he took it down.



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