Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Seriously, what is all the fuss about?

Monday was...different...to say the least

Often, people say that they woke up on the wrong side of the bed...I woke up on the stupid side of the bed. 

Don't even ask. 

Last night, I was blessed with the "opportunity" to sit/sleep in a parking lot in front of the game store waiting for the much awaited release of the game du jour.  <snorting derisively>

I totally get it.  It is something Christoflubber enjoys (albeit excessively in my book) and everyone has their hobbies.  Some would say, clearly delusional about priorities!, that my interest in fiber is excessive.  Some people like games (my boys), some worship books/words (my sister <and me too if I don't have needles in hand>), some love outdoor activities such as fishing/hunting (my Darling One)...it is all relative.  Hobbies = Happiness

BUT, one of the great joys of being a parent is getting to tease/embarass your kids in public.  The new game had the option of being purchased with a remote control vehicle.  This sent me into spasms of giddy giggling... 

"Hey Chris, did you also buy one of those cute little toy cars?"


"No, really, did you?  Cus all your little Boy Barbies would look so cute riding around on it?"

"MOM!!...they are ACTION FIGURES!!!"

"Hmmm, well, it's awfully cute and you could have fun driving them in it."

"Mom, go play with your knitting...please"

Ahhh, parenthood, where the goal is to live long enough to become a nuisance to your offspring.

The weekend was quite productive.  Some serious time was dedicated to the Butterfly Pullover and I am happy to report that I am close to being done with the last section (the front).  Only a few more rows left of the flower intarsia at the top.  There is a rumor in my head, that it might possibly, maybe, or maybe not, totally come off needles and enter the sewing up stage.

Isn't it purty?  The yarn, not Bella's leg.  Two balls of Cascade 220 in colorway 8834 and seven skeins of Noro  Silk Garden in colorway 258.  What might this loveliness be destined for?

Glad you asked, as this is my confusion.  My intention is for the pinkness to transform into "Poppy" from Yarnplay by Lisa Shobhana Mason.  Poppy is the sweater featured on the front cover.  The variegation on the top portion of the model version is made with Noro Silk Garden in colorway 84 while the bottom portion is done in Noro Cash Iroha colorway 91.  My concern is that the substitution of the pink Cascade will be too light/pinky with the Noro I have chosen.  The vertical contrasting striipes are done with the Noro and are inserted as desired.  To overcome this concern, I suppose I could simply add more contrast stripes to tie it together, but am unsure.  Thoughts?  Suggestions?  Advice?  Slaps upside my head telling me to just go with it??

K, Tuesday Tirade over.


  1. That Noro is gorgeous!! I can see how it might be too pink, but more contrast stripes certainly sound like it'd work.

  2. Beautiful yarn!!! I love Noro but I can never afford it!!!

  3. What good is being a parent if you can't embarass your kids??? And I knew that was Noro and was drooling over it. I love noro.

  4. I love the boy barbie comment!

    As for the yarn color... I love the sweater, yarn, and colors but possibly not together. I think the cascade is too light. More stripes could pull it together. You have great instincts. Trust yourself.

  5. I'm sure this is the reason my kids are releaved that I moved so far away. I learned child embarrassment from watching Roseanne.

    Pretty Noro. The pink might be a bit bright and light. Not meaning to burst your bubble. Try it with a front section first, I suggest.

  6. I love the color combinations! Can't wait to see how they look! That picture is such yummy yarn goodness!

  7. the picture posted really is a little off on the color...the yarns are not truly that bright. The pink is actually more of a soft rose. I am still sorta second guessing myself. What sent me over the edge to begin with was when I was doing gauge swatches of both and the Noro swatch appeared to be very red/rust/orangey/browny and looked horrible with the pink. Went to LYS yesterday to pick up a spare skein of Noro so I won't run out by putting in extra contrast stripes, when Cathi and I discovered that I had ONE skein of a different colorway which also turned out to be the one I had swatched with. WOW, no wonder it all seemed off to me. Fortunately she had 2 skeins of the correct color left in stock. I got very lucky. We'll see how it goes...



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