Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Time for Reflection

Have you ever encountered people in your life that just "get you"?

The people that understand and accept you and can tell you like it is and snap you back to focus on what is truly important.

Enter James. 

We have been friends since high school.  He is  a total goofball, but also one of the wisest people I know.  He grew up as the son of a Presbyterian minister.  From that beginning, he started the journey of finding his own faith views and through the trials and tribulations of life has developed a way of looking at life, people, circumstances that I personally find inspiring.  He and I have one of those intuitive friendships, where one of us will call the other and the first thing out of our mouths is, "I was thinking about you."

Currently, James is a pilot...flying for FedEx.  But, in his spare time...which seemingly (thanks to his schedule) is quite a bit, he is also a phenomenal photographer.  He has "the eye" which on its own brings brilliant shots, but he is also blessed with the "soul" which takes his photography to an entirely different level.

If you get a chance, visit his  blog.

Hey buddy...always remember the wise words of Billy Squier!


  1. I checked out the link, his photographs are beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  2. ya know, I do not need another blog to read. I barely get to the ones I currently have............



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