Saturday, November 27, 2010

We went, we wined, we walked, we watched...

Fun day spent with family.

Piddled around this morning, and polished off the rest of the chocolate cream pie for breakfast. Holy Moly need to get back on the eating right wagon!!

After lunch, and a quick stop at the liqour store, we went to a couple of flea markets. I am on the lookout for some antique wooden thread spools. It seems that whenever I am looking for a specific item, it cannot be found anywhere.

Then, we headed off for the way of Tontitown Winery. A few samples and a couple of purchases later we were AGAIN on our way.

The farm has been a wonderful place to go and relax for as long as I can remember. No one has lived in the house for many, many years, but I have so many memories of going there with my parents and grandparents to work in the garden, cut firewood in the woods, gather pecans and walnuts, drive around the pastures in the old red truck, sit on the banks of the ponds skipping rocks, and building playhouses with my sister in the great big ditch.

After the took all three of them!...repaired a gate post, we drove into Highfill for a walk in the park followed by dinner at the cafe.

Ended the evening with a funny movie.

What a wonderful life!

Tomorrow, back on a first name basis with the front passenger seat, knitting needles, and the Kindle app.

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  1. Glad you're having a wonderful time with family.



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