Monday, December 27, 2010

Back to the real world

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas weekend.  We had our dinner with Wes' family on Friday.  It is always fun to get together with them.  My boys are currently with their Dad for part of the Christmas break.  Saturday, the three of them went to the farm for "Christmas Spaghetti" with my Father, sister, and brother-in-law.  Any adventure at the farm would not be complete without shooting at targets on the pond bank.  Daddy got a new "toy", so he and the boys had to play with it.  The boys will be back here in a couple of days.  

Yesterday, we went to Indy to have the truck and Explorer tuned up by one of my in-law's renters.  He is a mechanic and we swapped the tune ups for some shirts he wanted printed.  While that was being done, off we went for a little bowling.  First, let me say that my father-in-law and brother-in-law bowl every Tuesday night in a league and use Sunday mornings for practice.  Does this give you any idea of how this activity goes for me?  I tried to convince them that the REAL rules/object of the game was to see who was skilled enough to hurl a ball "straight" at pins and see who could leave the most standing.  My opinion is that it takes real skill to do that, however, they did not agree.  MEN!

Since Saturday was a holiday and quite frankly, Sunday was a do nothing day, the cleaning schedule got set aside for a couple of days (with the exception of simple straightening up).  That is the great thing about this schedule, if you miss a day, no worries, it is going to come back around pretty soon.  Today, I will be back on track on the weekly cleaning program, and will be starting Zone 4:  The Great Room.  We have two living areas.  The first being the room that was the original house's living room, but is also part of the kitchen.  We now use it as a "hearth" room/office, as that is where the kitchen/fireplace/desk are.  I like to plop onto the couch in there while I am cooking dinner or turn on that TV.  As there is a separate surround sound system in that area (attached to the computer), sometimes I crank up music. 

Here is Zone 4: Great Room schedule:

Monday:  Straighten bookcases, cabinets, drawers

Tuesday:  Vacuum and mop

Wednesday:  Remove cobwebs
                      Dust windowsills, baseboards, furniture and ceiling fan

Thursday:  Clean windows, switchplates, and doors
                    Vacuum under and fluff/rotate sofa cushions

Happy Monday and HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIZ!


  1. Cleaning. Ugh. I am going to pretend Christmas is on for a couple more days. Maybe cook a little or something. Not cleaning. Too much like work.....

  2. Yeah, I'm with Carol on that one!

    The boys put away their clothes they got and they are slowly working on putting away other things. I think tomorrow and Thursday will be my days to straighten the living room and start working on taking down my tree. It's fading and FAST!

    Thanks Dina for the birthday wishes and THANK YOU for the special cupcakes and the needle holder! I LOVE IT! :)

  3. You're way too organized for me. Maybe you could come down here for a visit.



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