Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Boys will be boys...

It's true, once that magical age of 16 hits, they become obsessed with their cars and toys for them.  My boys are particularly concerned with ensuring that they are as obnoxiously loud in their vehicles as is legally possible.  

Help me, I foresee loss of hearing, rattling windows and a steady thumping sound in my head in my near future...

Down the hallway to the garage, progress is being made with trimwork!  The trim is all up in the laundry/craft room and I am now in the midst of caulking and final painting details.

Scarves seem to be the fibery topic for me lately. 

Number two of my contribution to Super Bowl 2012 scarves.  This one is done in granny squares.  Still need to weave in ends.

Cathi from Cottage Knits had sent out directions each day for the 12 days before Christmas to create a surprise scarf.  Now it just needs to be finished off with a 3 needle bind off, a few ruffles added, and spend some time on the blocking board.

Back to work on details for the craft/laundry room.  I want a cafe curtain for the window and a teensy tiny lacy valance from which to hang my bead rods.  The first pattern chosen came close to driving me to drink.  Close to 2 years later, this seems to be working out much better.  Well, except for the whole 198 stitches of a lace pattern...maybe a little drinky poo might be in order anyway.

And back to the world of scarves.  After the Butterfly Pullover was finished, I had quite a bit of the Silkindian Duke Silk Yarn  left.  So, the Very Braidy Cowl sounded like a yummy choice for this softness.

Haven't had much  time the last several days to catch up on everyone's projects, but hopefully I can sneak in a peak soon.  Unfortunately, Chris has to have his wisdom teeth cut out tomorrow...poor guy.  A trip to Perfect North may or may not be in our future depending on his pain and what happens with the weather here.  

Ya'll stay warm!


  1. At least you'll always hear the boys coming home :-)

    Your scarves look great and I am in love with the blue silk cowl. So pretty!

  2. Ooh! I want to squish your cowl. Is that bad? And have fun on the slopes. We're hunkering down for a big snow storm here, back to the knitting needles!

  3. The yarn you're using for that cowl looks wonderful, I second Paula's desire to squish it! And I like the superbowl granny square scarf, too.

  4. Another post in which I feel I'm seeing a preview of life ahead with my 14 yr old. : )
    I can't wait to see how your curtain comes out. (I hope to knit a curtain for my bathroom window when I can find the right yarn.) That cowl is going to be beautiful!

  5. I love that silk scarf. Very ambitious to be making lace curtains.

  6. It must be a right of passage to blast music loudly from a moving vehicle at that age. I know I drove my parents crazy with the same! Can't wait to see how your lace valance turns out. I've wanted to attempt to make one for the longest time.

  7. I agree, your cowl looks so squishy and soft! Everything is beautiful as usual!



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