Saturday, December 18, 2010

Clean Sweep

As I was doing my weekly cleaning this morning, I was reminded that the topic of my insane cleaning and need for organization tendencies has been a source of flat out green eyed jealousy cause for concern from many of my friends.  Although, those that really know me, know that I just like to be organized as my life just runs better that way.

Over the years, I have tried many a different household organization technique ranging from index cards to notebooks to spreadsheets to some insect themed female.  Finally, I have found a system that incorporates points from all of them but has been tweaked to my liking.  The best thing about this system is that my daily cleaning activities only take at most 30 minutes (except for the hour on the weekend) and because one particular area of the house is focused on each week, I NEVER have to deep clean.  

So, thought I would share my system.  I have a weekly plan consisting of:

Saturday or Sunday:  1.  Laundry
                                   2.  Cleaning Hour
                                   3.  Water plants
                                   4.  Menus/Grocery List
                                   5.  Change Litter Box

Monday:                    1.  Clean out purse/car
                                  2.  Clean out fridge
                                  3.  Straighten

Tuesday:                   1.  Gather trash
                                 2.  Vacuum (just a quickie hit the high spots)
                                 3.  Errands
                                 4.  Grocery/Supply shopping

Wednesday:             1.  Dust
                                2.  Pay  bills/file
                                3.  Change litter box
                                4.  Swish all toilets and wipe down all bathroom counters

Thursday:               1.  Vacuum 
                               2.  Straighten

The weekly (zone) detailed cleaning is divided into 14 different areas of my house.  Currently, I am starting on Zone 3 this week, but will catch you up.

Zone 1:  Front Porch
              Monday:  sweep down cobwebs
              Tuesday:  sweep walkway
              Wednesday:  deadhead plants in front beds and pots
              Thursday:  wipe off light fixtures

Zone 2:  Entrance and Hallway
              Monday:  straighten coat closet and boot trays
              Tuesday:  deep vacuum and mop these areas
              Wednesday:  remove cobwebs/dust window sills, baseboards, and furniture
              Thursday:  clean windows, switchplates and doors

Zone 3:  Kitchen
              Monday:  deep clean fridge and microwave/ clean fan, vent, hood
              Tuesday:  deep vacuum and mop/ clean stove and oven
              Wednesday:  clean cabinet fronts, straighten drawers and under sink
              Thursday:  clean light fixtures, doors, switchplates

I have two zones printed on a 4x6 cardstock that is slipped into a clear acrylic magnet frame (7 total).  The weekly plan is also in a frame.  I keep them on my fridge and rotate the zone ones every other week.  As I complete a task, I mark it off with a wipe off marker.  

Yes, I realize this is a bit obsessive to some, but organization often appears that way.  I never have to worry about getting things done and I get satisfaction from crossing off a task.  Plus, I have more free time to do what I want to do, not just what HAS to get done.  I will share the upcoming zones as I come to them.

Of course, this approach is not for everyone.  Some people function quite well without lists (gasp...what a horror!), while others (hmmm, maybe my sister?) have even MORE detailed lists.  As they say, to each his own. 



  1. I love you, Martha-freakin'-Stewart! Thanks for these, I'm going to give your way a shot. It may take me a while to find a groove, but I've GOT to do something!

  2. Thanks for sharing. I tried the fly lady system once too. It did help get the house under control so I could move on with other things in my life, but I didn't want to live like that all the time. Your system sounds great.

  3. I need to get organized and have a system. I used to be organized and have a system once. However, I live with absent-minded, most disorganized professor, who drives me out my mind.

  4. So, I titled the copy of your lists....Martha-Freakin'-Stewart cleaning methods! Hahahahhaha!



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