Friday, December 3, 2010


So, I've been spinning.  

Not to be confused with the Dead or Alive version..."You spin me right round, baby right round like a record, baby Right round round round "...sing it with me if you are 80's enough!

Well, that was awkward and I suddenly feel the need to go buy some extra heavy duty shellac-ey hair spray and dig out the teasing comb.  Oooh ick.  That and the clothes and pretty much everything from that decade make me want to go stick my head in a corner and mutter "oh Lord oh Lord oh Lord" over and over like Alex did when he was a toddler!

Fast forward, cuz I am now F to the I to the B to the E to the R to the L to the I to the C to the I to the OUS.  Don't worry,  I'll stop with the lame musical references now.

Looky looky looky

My first hank of hand spun yarn.  I finished spinning it last night.  Wound it on the niddy noddy (that sounds kinda dirty doesn't it) and if I am doing the math correctly, think there are about 30 yards of it.  Who the heck knows what the gauge is, I'll think about that tomorrow.  My pretty blue has had a soak and is hanging to dry now.

Remember the spool tease?

Are you ready?

Better sit down, it's gonna knock your socks off it's SO cute!!!

What do you do with 20 antique spools that have been Mod Podged?

DUH! you turn them into...

Wait for it...

Here goes...

Cabinet door and drawer pulls!!!!!

This is only one of them.  We did not have time last night to get them all installed, but now you know.  I left all the existing thread on them, full or almost empty, just they way they were when they  came to me.  Several layers of Mod Podge later, they are completely sealed.  Still waiting on the counter top to come in. 

That's all I've got, the Poppy sweater is still on needles, the first boot sock is done and the second is still on needles after having been ripped back because I forgot that I made the leg of the first one an inch longer and frankly, I desperately need to swap the orangey stuff in the house with red and green stuff more than I need to be knitting right now.  Couple of brilliant ideas on that front too, but  they are for me to know and you to find out.

Tami's is the place to go for the Friday party.


  1. Check you out with the yarn making! Very impressive, and pretty blue, indeed. Also, completely love what you did with the spools. That's genius!

  2. Really cool idea for the spools! I would never have thought of that.

  3. Those door handles are soo creative. Great job on your first spinning. To find the gauge, you get a ruler and wrap around a one inch section and count the wraps. There is some place online that tells the WPI (wraps per inch) equals what gauge of commercial spun. I'll have to look for it later and get back to you.

    I noticed on another blogs comments that you're undecided about going for a wheel. Spinning on a wheel is really different than spindling. Some people can take to wheel spinning easier. Is there a store near you that sells wheels, they are usually very helpful at letting you try before you buy.

  4. I'm soooo impressed with your yarn! Are you sure you didn't practice a lot in secret before you shared your talents on the blog? You must just be a natural!
    Love the spools as cabinet handles and drawer pulls too!

  5. The yarn looks SOOO great and holy crap, I LOVE THE SPOOL HANDLES!! That is a GENIUS idea.

  6. What a lovely shade of blue! And the spool handles are darling!

  7. Love your yarn! That shade of blue is my favorite. And would you say that's sportweight yarn?

  8. The yarn is wonderful. You are a natural.

    I love, love, love the thread handles!



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